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as-set: AS-CAIS
descr: PCCW Global
remarks: fka: Beyond the Network (BtNAccess), CAIS
members: AS3491
members: AS3491:AS-CUSTOMERS-EU
members: AS3491:AS-CUSTOMERS-NA
members: AS3491:AS-CUSTOMERS-AP
members: AS3491:AS-CUSTOMERS-AF
remarks: ....................
members: AS6279
members: AS7262
members: AS17984
members: AS25395
members: AS31713
members: AS57402
members: AS198148
remarks: ....................
admin-c: BtNA-NOC
tech-c: BtNA-NOC
mnt-by: MAINT-AS3491
changed: 20080422
changed: 20130321
changed: 20130322
changed: 20130327
changed: 20130902
changed: 20140217
changed: 20141001
changed: 20141011
changed: 20141013
changed: 20141024
changed: 20160306
changed: 20170904
changed: 20170905
source: RADB

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