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as-set: AS-M21
descr: AS Numbers for which Micron21 - AS38880 provides Transit and or DDoS mitigation services
members: AS38880
members: AS7496
members: AS20144
members: AS9280
members: AS55845
members: AS393949
members: AS13179
members: AS24446
members: AS10105
members: AS134138
members: AS4739
members: AS4802
members: AS196752
members: AS24312
members: AS38001
members: AS63930
members: AS204179
members: AS61084
members: AS203535
members: AS203661
members: AS45780
members: AS134413
members: AS10145
members: AS203391
members: AS24541
members: AS56087
members: AS24557
members: AS207150
members: AS135408
members: AS58950
members: AS17559
members: AS135895
members: AS56106
members: AS132405
members: AS7647
members: AS135611
members: AS135051
members: AS135543
members: AS58915
members: AS136001
admin-c: JB496-AP
tech-c: JS2191-AP
mnt-by: MAINT-AS38880
changed: 20171210 #22:46:55Z
source: RADB

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