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as-set: AS-PACNET
descr: ASs of PACNET
members: AS18084, AS17819, AS17675, AS4675,
AS-9824TRANSIT, AS2518, AS7506, AS9595, AS4721,
AS23795, AS7503, AS20435, AS17502, AS20940, AS4673, AS18086, AS18151, AS17681,
AS17673, AS2527, AS7683, AS10010, AS4688,
AS-SAKURA, AS21357, AS7690, AS17529,
AS17527, AS9363, AS18263, AS17511, AS18275,
AS4663, AS9457, AS3786, AS9758, AS10171,
AS9277, AS7557, AS4669, AS9578, AS18302,
AS9646, AS9455, AS-HUTCHCITY, AS9823,
AS9502, AS17972, AS9729, AS9229, AS7540,
AS17916, AS9808, AS17653, AS10032, AS17888,
AS9929, AS2706, AS23730, AS7540, AS4641,
AS19161, AS4833, AS7468, AS9237, AS17764,
AS10127, AS7577, AS9264, AS9918, AS18042,
AS18182, AS10139, AS10135, AS18142, AS7610,
AS9419, AS18228, AS18106, AS17916, AS17927,
AS10024, AS9516, AS9890, AS9251, AS28723,
AS7544, AS10030, AS17992, AS17925, AS18233,
AS18187, AS11267, AS18355, AS9654, AS17916,
AS17536, AS18363, AS10145, AS17559, AS7545,
AS9837, AS4802, AS17486, AS17647, AS4648,
AS18390, AS18431, AS9266, AS7175, AS9727,
AS7657, AS18199, AS9303, AS9889, AS17412,
AS17649, AS23969, AS17707, AS151, AS2503,
AS4421, AS4685, AS4718, AS4841, AS7519,
AS7659, AS7991, AS9259, AS9371, AS9601,
AS9899, AS10202, AS10232, AS10238, AS17447, AS46078,
AS17451, AS17518, AS17678, AS17761, AS17800,
AS17931, AS17936, AS17948, AS17954, AS17955,
AS18070, AS18071, AS18080, AS18090, AS18097,
AS18138, AS18143, AS23614, AS23617, AS23631,
AS23633, AS23764, AS23790, AS23794, AS23890,
AS23918, AS23961, AS24012, AS25844, AS10026, AS17444, AS24072, AS24011, AS24075,
AS-CYBERWAVE, AS17885, AS9848, AS9304, AS-PCM,
AS-Napsindo, AS17812, AS23878, AS24021, AS23969,
AS-Digitel, AS4837, AS-CALLPLUS, AS17884, AS-iAdvantage,
AS17474, AS18206, AS24113, AS-VECTANT, AS17990,
AS4243, AS9438, AS24332, AS58933, AS23762, AS4637
admin-c: MAINT-AS10026
tech-c: MAINT-AS10026
mnt-by: MAINT-AS10026
changed: 20160127 #08:55:42Z
source: RADB

mntner: MAINT-AS10026
descr: PACNET
admin-c: YA13-AP
tech-c: YA13-AP
auth: ***********************
auth: ***********************
mnt-by: MAINT-AS10026
changed: 20160923 #04:18:44Z
source: RADB

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