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as-set: as-set-ipserverone
descr: ASes List of IPServerOne
members: AS134190, AS45352, AS45144, AS132872, AS133114, AS133437, AS56229, AS56109, AS133936, AS134066, AS131310, AS8252, AS56092, AS133918, AS55761, AS55855, AS23678, AS133889, AS133499, AS132111, AS45410, AS135553, AS4773, AS55329, AS38901, AS136412, AS7632, AS9905, AS42577, AS135542, AS45710, AS17666, AS45808, AS132855, AS132197, AS205329, AS23659, AS132033, AS45121, AS132033, AS132850, AS137240, AS136552,AS-4628,
admin-c: ISSS1-AP
tech-c: ISSS1-AP
remarks: IP ServerOne AS-SET
mnt-by: MAINT-AS45352
changed: 20180409 #23:20:39Z
source: RADB

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