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as-set: AS-XO
descr: XO
members: AS2828
mnt-by: MAINT-AS3257
changed: 20120829 #21:22:31Z
changed: 20180323
source: RADB

as-set: AS-XO
descr: XO transit AS numbers
XO Communications
13865 Sunrise Valley Drive
Herndon, VA 20171
Network Operations <> +1.314.787.7777
Network Violations <>
members: AS2828,
AS10026, AS10316, AS10355, AS10425, AS10660, AS10689,
AS10696, AS10723, AS10738, AS10779, AS10823, AS10835,
AS10910, AS10912, AS10913, AS11005, AS11020, AS11049,
AS11072, AS11096, AS11144, AS11166, AS11176, AS11177,
AS11235, AS11272, AS11308, AS11319, AS11332, AS11350,
AS11352, AS11374, AS11389, AS11397, AS11410, AS11433, AS11456,
AS11459, AS11470, AS11473, AS11481, AS11505, AS11506,
AS11515, AS11521, AS11534, AS11549, AS11555, AS11578,
AS11663, AS11676, AS11686, AS11696, AS11758, AS11791,
AS11803, AS11817, AS11853, AS11855, AS11904, AS11923,
AS11928, AS11934, AS11945, AS11984, AS11992, AS12048,
AS12074, AS12085, AS12112, AS12115, AS12130, AS12141,
AS12151, AS12165, AS12178, AS12179, AS12180, AS12181,
AS12182, AS12183, AS12209, AS12222, AS12227, AS1226,
AS12274, AS12275, AS12989, AS1313, AS13355, AS13364,
AS13369, AS13391, AS13415, AS13425, AS13445, AS13446,
AS13469, AS1348, AS13511, AS13520, AS13533, AS13598,
AS13610, AS13614, AS13629, AS13644, AS13677, AS13695,
AS13703, AS13734, AS13735, AS13750, AS13758, AS13789,
AS13790, AS13791, AS13817, AS13839, AS13843, AS13868,
AS13875, AS13882, AS13896, AS13900, AS13939, AS13951,
AS13961, AS14003, AS14010, AS14044, AS14045, AS14048,
AS1406, AS14068, AS14106, AS14147, AS14233, AS1424,
AS14243, AS14248, AS14278, AS14310, AS14336, AS1434, AS14363,
AS14365, AS14408, AS14430, AS14446, AS1448, AS14494,
AS14602, AS14636, AS14678, AS14689, AS14694, AS14705,
AS14742, AS14743, AS14744, AS14745, AS14772, AS14805,
AS14825, AS14839, AS14880, AS14907, AS14909, AS14922,
AS14929, AS14994, AS15113, AS15124, AS15129, AS15149,
AS15162, AS15168, AS15169, AS15211, AS15219, AS15222,
AS15224, AS15248, AS15317, AS15358, AS15753, AS1616,
AS1619, AS16423, AS16468, AS16489, AS16492, AS16493,
AS16501, AS16591, AS16611, AS16625, AS16657, AS16677, AS16734,
AS16760, AS16761, AS16784, AS16895, AS16908, AS16939,
AS16947, AS17006, AS17018, AS17020, AS17040, AS17061,
AS17101, AS17119, AS17150, AS17151, AS17166, AS17184,
AS17206, AS17214, AS17216, AS17223, AS17248, AS17259,
AS17281, AS17310, AS17352, AS17359, AS17361, AS17368,
AS17466, AS1813, AS1814, AS18468, AS18469, AS18474,
AS18487, AS18566, AS18613, AS18643, AS18690, AS18698,
AS18754, AS18784, AS18806, AS18821, AS18826, AS18864,
AS18873, AS18898, AS18907, AS18921, AS18938, AS18981,
AS18990, AS19024, AS19029, AS19043, AS19055, AS19082,
AS19085, AS19099, AS19107, AS19139, AS19208, AS19211,
AS19214, AS19241, AS19243, AS19271, AS19298, AS19318,
AS19362, AS19364, AS19404, AS19419, AS19427, AS19473,
AS19477, AS19535, AS19562, AS19572, AS19588, AS19637,
AS19648, AS19663, AS19690, AS19743, AS19774, AS19830,
AS19855, AS19860, AS19864, AS19880, AS19893, AS19930,
AS19949, AS1996, AS19974, AS19976, AS19995, AS20021,
AS2003, AS20038, AS20075, AS20077, AS20089, AS20113,
AS20115, AS20135, AS20203, AS20229, AS20249, AS20306,
AS20307, AS20312, AS2033, AS20335, AS20385, AS20394,
AS20400, AS20410, AS20427, AS2044, AS20940, AS210, AS21070,
AS21526, AS21543, AS21553, AS21581, AS21623, AS21629,
AS21681, AS21684, AS21718, AS21721, AS21735, AS21740,
AS21787, AS21815, AS21832, AS21847, AS21886, AS21897,
AS21922, AS21928, AS21946, AS21957, AS22013, AS22037,
AS22041, AS22062, AS22111, AS22139, AS22150, AS22154,
AS22172, AS22187, AS22197, AS22199, AS22256, AS22262,
AS22294, AS22304, AS22316, AS22317, AS22343, AS22362,
AS22384, AS22435, AS22440, AS22447, AS22450, AS22454,
AS22489, AS22507, AS22525, AS22526, AS22561, AS22591,
AS22650, AS22707, AS22721, AS22734, AS22759, AS22773,
AS22774, AS22813, AS22829, AS22886, AS22900, AS22903,
AS22911, AS22922, AS23012, AS23025, AS23138, AS23176,
AS23177, AS23230, AS23256, AS23267, AS23277, AS23278,
AS23292, AS23304, AS23308, AS23315, AS23354, AS23355,
AS23378, AS23379, AS23381, AS23404, AS23417, AS23421,
AS23422, AS23444, AS23449, AS23461, AS23492, AS23504,
AS23520, AS23550, AS25602, AS25609, AS25615, AS25651,
AS25655, AS25674, AS25694, AS25714, AS25742, AS25761,
AS25766, AS25767, AS25802, AS25813, AS25860, AS25868,
AS25878, AS25934, AS25949, AS25969, AS26036, AS26068,
AS26076, AS26088, AS26149, AS26163, AS26165, AS26185,
AS26211, AS26253, AS26270, AS26292, AS26310, AS26317,
AS26322, AS26343, AS2636, AS26377, AS26387, AS26472,
AS26482, AS26558, AS26562, AS26581, AS26663, AS26689,
AS26702, AS26709, AS26723, AS26731, AS26749, AS26767,
AS26769, AS26777, AS26795, AS26831, AS26891, AS26911,
AS26914, AS26922, AS26925, AS26931, AS26942, AS26997,
AS27011, AS27015, AS27023, AS27166, AS27178, AS27230,
AS27237, AS27253, AS27264, AS27266, AS27282, AS27291,
AS27344, AS27345, AS27364, AS27399, AS27422, AS27434,
AS27435, AS27463, AS27467, AS27495, AS27498, AS27537,
AS27547, AS27589, AS27591, AS27908, AS2824, AS286, AS28959,
AS29704, AS29721, AS29725, AS29737, AS29742, AS29743,
AS29754, AS29756, AS29766, AS29780, AS29794, AS29803,
AS29829, AS29834, AS29859, AS29863, AS29873, AS29895,
AS29933, AS29944, AS29989, AS29991, AS30084, AS30167,
AS30172, AS30202, AS30247, AS30249, AS30278, AS30307,
AS30330, AS30340, AS30345, AS30358, AS30360, AS30373,
AS30373:AS-Customers, AS30392, AS30398, AS30432, AS30453,
AS30477, AS30489, AS30494, AS30497, AS30524, AS30586,
AS30615, AS30620, AS30639, AS30641, AS30659, AS30718,
AS31015, AS31744, AS31767, AS31835, AS31839, AS31850,
AS31854, AS31883, AS31887, AS31890, AS31892, AS31902,
AS31917, AS31922, AS31962, AS31963, AS32018, AS32037,
AS32054, AS32068, AS32091, AS32159, AS32180, AS32187,
AS32220, AS32251, AS32270, AS32309, AS32311, AS32327,
AS32331, AS32342, AS32354, AS32402, AS32416, AS32436, AS32442,
AS32456, AS32494, AS32526, AS32531, AS32560, AS32581,
AS32585, AS32652, AS32688, AS32693, AS32775, AS32796,
AS32808, AS32829, AS32868, AS32888, AS32890, AS32899,
AS32904, AS32909, AS32910, AS32928, AS32934, AS32936,
AS32943, AS32949, AS3297, AS32972, AS33010, AS33019,
AS33039, AS33042, AS33058, AS33063, AS33131, AS33147,
AS33159, AS33168, AS33197, AS33215, AS33216, AS33227,
AS33251, AS33273, AS33284, AS33320, AS33321, AS33327,
AS33337, AS33351, AS33355, AS33377, AS33386, AS33397,
AS33403, AS33404, AS33421, AS33434, AS33454, AS33465,
AS33500, AS33509, AS33607, AS33609, AS33680, AS33749,
AS33754, AS3571, AS35855, AS35873, AS35907, AS35909,
AS35918, AS3595, AS35960, AS35968, AS35990, AS36027,
AS36032, AS36048, AS36055, AS36103, AS36113, AS36160,
AS36175, AS36223, AS36232, AS36306, AS36339, AS36370,
AS36371, AS36400, AS36429, AS36432, AS36453, AS36461,
AS36466, AS36497, AS36498, AS36514, AS36583, AS36669, AS36672,
AS36683, AS36688, AS36711, AS36727, AS36728, AS36748,
AS36755, AS36788, AS36795, AS36825, AS36837, AS36841,
AS3700, AS3790, AS3845, AS393253, AS39945, AS40018,
AS40025, AS40054, AS40066, AS40071, AS40072, AS40130,
AS40133, AS40134, AS40135, AS40167, AS40177, AS40185,
AS40222, AS40237, AS40252, AS40279, AS40298, AS40335,
AS40339, AS40345, AS4039, AS40391, AS40441, AS40444,
AS40492, AS40493, AS40510, AS40514, AS40551, AS40616,
AS40621, AS40627, AS40678, AS40703, AS40715, AS40762,
AS40797, AS40807, AS40824, AS40827, AS40853, AS40868,
AS40877, AS40882, AS40888, AS40892, AS40898, AS40927,
AS40935, AS40952, AS4182, AS4250, AS43313, AS43515, AS4373,
AS4378, AS4393, AS4459, AS4503, AS4583, AS46083, AS46185,
AS46204, AS46250, AS46259, AS46301, AS46306, AS46340, AS46346,
AS46361, AS46367, AS46378, AS46409, AS46429, AS46444,
AS46462, AS46484, AS46489, AS46514, AS46601, AS46610,
AS46633, AS46670, AS46728, AS46736, AS46769, AS46770,
AS46786, AS46793, AS46813, AS46838, AS46848, AS46852,
AS46892, AS46914, AS46923, AS46925, AS46929, AS46943,
AS46960, AS46961, AS46962, AS46964, AS46967, AS46972,
AS47008, AS47045, AS47079, AS47091, AS4766, AS47870,
AS48328, AS4888, AS4892, AS4905, AS4908, AS50414, AS52320,
AS53248, AS53313, AS53353, AS53371, AS53382, AS53387,
AS53391, AS53410, AS53429, AS53456, AS53462, AS53465,
AS53495, AS53506, AS53531, AS53559, AS53573, AS53613,
AS53644, AS53670, AS53706, AS53743, AS53791, AS53796,
AS53814, AS53828, AS53848, AS53857, AS53882, AS53908,
AS53941, AS53986, AS54012, AS54015, AS54077, AS54108,
AS54148, AS54167, AS54270, AS54293, AS54314, AS54346,
AS54586, AS54588, AS5662, AS5693, AS5725, AS5740, AS6105,
AS6128, AS6130, AS6152, AS6167, AS6203, AS6220, AS6286,
AS6300, AS6302, AS6315, AS6316, AS6336, AS6372, AS6419,
AS6459, AS6519, AS6576, AS6621, AS6653, AS6946, AS6954,
AS6983, AS7014, AS7024, AS7029, AS7065, AS7106, AS7127,
AS7138, AS7143, AS7201, AS7244, AS7246, AS7281, AS7349,
AS7350, AS7397, AS7545, AS7734, AS7782, AS7792, AS7821,
AS7843, AS7968, AS812, AS8137, AS9031, AS9318
mbrs-by-ref: MNT-XOXO
tech-c: DUMY-ARIN
admin-c: DUMY-ARIN
mnt-by: MNT-XOXO
changed: 20120911
source: ARIN
remarks: ****************************
remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal
remarks: * data has been removed from this object.
remarks: * To view the original object, please query the ARIN Database at:
remarks: *
remarks: ****************************

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