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aut-num: AS12713<br>org: ORG-OOGS1-RIPE<br>as-name: OTEGlobe<br>descr: 6-8 Agisilaou Str., 15123 Maroussi, Hellas<br>descr: Tel: +30 210 8762500,<br>remarks:<br>remarks: ----------------------------------------------------<br>remarks: | NOC contact (24x7): +30 697 8119459 |<br>remarks: ----------------------------------------------------<br>remarks:<br>remarks:<br>remarks: ====================================================<br>remarks:<br>remarks: DEUTSCHE TELEKOM<br>import: from AS3320 action pref=100; accept ANY<br>export: to AS3320 announce AS-OTEGLOBE<br>remarks:<br>remarks: LEVEL3<br>import: from AS3356 action pref=100; accept ANY<br>export: to AS3356 announce AS-OTEGLOBE<br>remarks:<br>remarks: CABLE&amp;WIRELESS<br>import: from AS1273 action pref=100; accept ANY<br>export: to AS1273 announce AS-OTEGLOBE<br>remarks:<br>remarks: TELIA SONERA<br>import: from AS1299 action pref=100; accept ANY<br>export: to AS1299 announce AS-OTEGLOBE<br>remarks:<br>remarks:<br>remarks: TURK TELECOM<br>import: from AS6663 action pref=100; accept ANY<br>export: to AS6663 announce AS-OTEGLOBE<br>remarks:<br>remarks: FACEBOOK<br>import: from AS32934 action pref=100; accept ANY<br>export: to AS32934 announce AS-OTEGLOBE<br>remarks:<br>remarks: LEASEWEB<br>import: from AS16265 action pref=100; accept ANY<br>export: to AS16265 announce AS-OTEGLOBE<br>remarks:<br>remarks: GOOGLE<br>import: from AS15169 action pref=100; accept ANY<br>export: to AS15169 announce AS-OTEGLOBE<br>remarks:<br>remarks: APPLE<br>import: from AS714 action pref=100; accept ANY<br>export: to AS714 announce AS-OTEGLOBE<br>remarks:<br>remarks: AMAZON<br>import: from AS16509 action pref=100; accept ANY<br>export: to AS16509 announce AS-OTEGLOBE<br>remarks:<br>remarks: NETFLIX<br>import: from AS2906 action pref=100; accept ANY<br>export: to AS2906 announce AS-OTEGLOBE<br>remarks:<br>remarks: CORE BACKBONE<br>import: from AS33891 action pref=100; accept ANY<br>export: to AS33891 announce AS-OTEGLOBE<br>remarks:<br>remarks: VERIZON DIGITAL MEDIA SERVICES<br>import: from AS15133 action pref=100; accept ANY<br>export: to AS15133 announce AS-OTEGLOBE<br>remarks:<br>remarks: CDN77<br>import: from AS60088 action pref=100; accept ANY<br>export: to AS60088 announce AS-OTEGLOBE<br>remarks:<br>remarks: ABCOM<br>import: from AS21183 action pref=500; accept AS-ABCom-SET<br>export: to AS21183 announce ANY<br>remarks:<br>remarks: AIA<br>import: from AS199370 action pref=500; accept AS199370<br>export: to AS199370 announce ANY<br>remarks:<br>remarks: ALBTELECOM<br>import: from AS42313 action pref=500; accept AS-42313<br>export: to AS42313 announce ANY<br>remarks:<br>remarks: CYTA<br>import: from AS6866 action pref=500; accept AS-CYTANET<br>export: to AS6866 announce ANY<br>remarks:<br>remarks: DATAWAYS<br>import: from AS15544 action pref=500; accept AS15544<br>export: to AS15544 announce ANY<br>remarks:<br>remarks: HELLASAT<br>import: from AS41697 action pref=500; accept AS41697<br>export: to AS41697 announce ANY<br>remarks:<br>remarks: MAKTEL<br>import: from AS6821 action pref=500; accept AS-MTNET<br>export: to AS6821 announce ANY<br>remarks:<br>remarks: OMANTEL<br>import: from AS8529 action pref=500; accept AS-OMANTEL<br>export: to AS8529 announce ANY<br>remarks:<br>remarks: OTENET<br>import: from AS6799 action pref=500; accept AS-OTENET<br>export: to AS6799 announce ANY<br>remarks:<br>remarks: PTCL<br>import: from AS17557 action pref=500; accept AS-SETPTCL<br>export: to AS17557 announce ANY<br>remarks:<br>remarks: TELECOM EGYPT<br>import: from AS8452 action pref=500; accept AS-TEDATA<br>export: to AS8452 announce ANY<br>remarks:<br>import-via: AS6777 from AS-ANY EXCEPT AS12713:AS-AMSIX accept ANY<br>export-via: AS6777 to AS-ANY EXCEPT AS12713:AS-AMSIX announce AS-OTEGLOBE<br>remarks:<br>remarks: GCN<br>import: from AS12615 action pref=500; accept AS-GCN<br>export: to AS12615 announce ANY<br>remarks:<br>remarks: SOFIA CONNECT<br>import: from AS47872 action pref=500; accept AS-SOFIA-CONNECT<br>export: to AS47872 announce ANY<br>remarks:<br>remarks: M247<br>import: from AS9009 action pref=500; accept AS9009<br>export: to AS9009 announce ANY<br>remarks:<br>remarks: SOFIA TELEHOUSE<br>import: from AS57344 action pref=500; accept AS-57344<br>export: to AS57344 announce ANY<br>remarks:<br>remarks: ====================================================<br>remarks: PUBLIC PEERINGS<br>remarks:<br>remarks: We are located at the following internet exchange points:<br>remarks:<br>remarks: --------------------------------------<br>remarks: AMS-IX Amsterdam, NL<br>remarks: DEC-IX Frankfurt, GE<br>remarks: LINX London, UK<br>remarks: --------------------------------------<br>remarks:<br>remarks: If you would to set-up a peering, sent us an e-mail:<br>remarks:<br>remarks: ====================================================<br>remarks:<br>remarks:<br>remarks: The following BGP policy is applied to all customers<br>remarks:<br>remarks: - Private networks and AS numbers are not accepted<br>remarks:<br>remarks: - Prefixes longer than a /24 are not accepted.<br>remarks:<br>remarks: - Prefixes not matching import policy are rejected.<br>remarks: Customers must always have a valid route object.<br>remarks: We accept Route Objects from any IRR (ie RIPE, etc).<br>remarks:<br>remarks: - Prefix limit is placed upon the number of prefixes<br>remarks: received including a percentage amount for future growth.<br>remarks:<br>remarks: - Advertisements tagged with communities other than<br>remarks: the one outlined below are reset by default at ingress.<br>remarks:<br>remarks: - We honor well known communities<br>remarks: no-export &amp; no-advertise<br>remarks:<br>remarks:<br>remarks: Community Support<br>remarks:<br>remarks: Customer Communities applied at ingress<br>remarks:<br>remarks: 12713:5100 Athens KT1<br>remarks: 12713:5110 Athens KT2<br>remarks: 12713:5120 Athens NM1<br>remarks: 12713:5130 Athens NM2<br>remarks: 12713:5140 Athens LHX<br>remarks: 12713:5200 Amsterdam<br>remarks: 12713:5300 Frankfurt<br>remarks: 12713:5400 London<br>remarks: 12713:5600 Bucharest<br>remarks: 12713:5610 Istanbul<br>remarks: 12713:5620 Milan<br>remarks: 12713:5630 Nicosia<br>remarks: 12713:5640 Paris<br>remarks: 12713:5650 Skopje<br>remarks: 12713:5660 Sofia<br>remarks: 12713:5670 Thessalonica<br>remarks: 12713:5680 Tirane<br>remarks:<br>remarks: Upstream Communities applied at ingress<br>remarks:<br>remarks: 12713:2200 Amsterdam<br>remarks: 12713:2300 Frankfurt<br>remarks: 12713:2400 London<br>remarks:<br>remarks: Public Peerings Communities applied at ingress<br>remarks:<br>remarks: 12713:3200 Amsterdam (AMS-IX)<br>remarks: 12713:3300 Frankfurt (DEC-IX)<br>remarks: 12713:3400 London (LINX)<br>remarks:<br>remarks: Customer Traffic Engineering<br>remarks:<br>remarks: Community Action<br>remarks: ---------- ----------------------<br>remarks: 12713:8080 Local preference = 80<br>remarks: 12713:8600 Local preference = 600<br>remarks:<br>remarks:<br>remarks: 12713:9001 Prepend to all Upstreams &amp; Peers Once<br>remarks: 12713:9002 Prepend to all Upstreams &amp; Peers Twice<br>remarks: 12713:9003 Prepend to all Upstreams &amp; Peers Thrice<br>remarks: 12713:9004 Announce to all except Upstreams &amp; Peers<br>remarks:<br>remarks: 12713:9101 Prepend to Telia Sonera (AS1299) Once<br>remarks: 12713:9102 Prepend to Telia Sonera (AS1299) Twice<br>remarks: 12713:9103 Prepend to Telia Sonera (AS1299) Thrice<br>remarks: 12713:9104 Announce to all except Telia Sonera<br>remarks:<br>remarks: 12713:9111 Prepend to Level3 (AS3356) Once<br>remarks: 12713:9112 Prepend to Level3 (AS3356) Twice<br>remarks: 12713:9113 Prepend to Level3 (AS3356) Thrice<br>remarks: 12713:9114 Announce to all except Level3<br>remarks:<br>remarks: 12713:9121 Prepend to Deutsche Telekom (AS3320) Once<br>remarks: 12713:9122 Prepend to Deutsche Telekom (AS3320) Twice<br>remarks: 12713:9123 Prepend to Deutsche Telekom (AS3320) Thrice<br>remarks: 12713:9124 Announce to all except Deutsche Telekom<br>remarks:<br>remarks: 12713:9131 Prepend to Cable&amp;Wireless (AS1273) Once<br>remarks: 12713:9132 Prepend to Cable&amp;Wireless (AS1273) Twice<br>remarks: 12713:9133 Prepend to Cable&amp;Wireless (AS1273) Thrice<br>remarks: 12713:9134 Announce to all except Cable&amp;Wireless<br>remarks:<br>remarks: 12713:9141 Prepend to M247 (AS9009) Once<br>remarks: 12713:9142 Prepend to M247 (AS9009) Twice<br>remarks: 12713:9143 Prepend to M247 (AS9009) Thrice<br>remarks: 12713:9144 Announce to all except M247<br>remarks:<br>remarks: 12713:9151 Prepend to Turk Telecom (AS6663) Once<br>remarks: 12713:9152 Prepend to Turk Telecom (AS6663) Twice<br>remarks: 12713:9153 Prepend to Turk Telecom (AS6663) Thrice<br>remarks: 12713:9154 Announce to all except M247<br>remarks:<br>remarks: 12713:9201 Prepend to Facebook (AS32934) Once<br>remarks: 12713:9202 Prepend to Facebook (AS32934) Twice<br>remarks: 12713:9203 Prepend to Facebook (AS32934) Thrice<br>remarks: 12713:9204 Announce to all except Facebook<br>remarks:<br>remarks: 12713:9211 Prepend to Leaseweb (AS16265) Once<br>remarks: 12713:9212 Prepend to Leaseweb (AS16265) Twice<br>remarks: 12713:9213 Prepend to Leaseweb (AS16265) Thrice<br>remarks: 12713:9214 Announce to all except Leaseweb<br>remarks:<br>remarks: 12713:9221 Prepend to Google (AS15169) Once<br>remarks: 12713:9222 Prepend to Google (AS15169) Twice<br>remarks: 12713:9223 Prepend to Google (AS15169) Thrice<br>remarks: 12713:9224 Announce to all except Google<br>remarks:<br>remarks: 12713:9231 Prepend to Apple (AS714) Once<br>remarks: 12713:9232 Prepend to Apple (AS714) Twice<br>remarks: 12713:9233 Prepend to Apple (AS714) Thrice<br>remarks: 12713:9234 Announce to all except Apple<br>remarks:<br>remarks: 12713:9241 Prepend to Amazon (AS16509) Once<br>remarks: 12713:9242 Prepend to Amazon (AS16509) Twice<br>remarks: 12713:9243 Prepend to Amazon (AS16509) Thrice<br>remarks: 12713:9244 Announce to all except Amazon<br>remarks:<br>remarks: 12713:9251 Prepend to Netflix (AS2906) Once<br>remarks: 12713:9252 Prepend to Netflix (AS2906) Twice<br>remarks: 12713:9253 Prepend to Netflix (AS2906) Thrice<br>remarks: 12713:9254 Announce to all except Netflix<br>remarks:<br>remarks: 12713:9261 Prepend to CORE BACKBONE (AS33891) Once<br>remarks: 12713:9262 Prepend to CORE BACKBONE (AS33891) Twice<br>remarks: 12713:9263 Prepend to CORE BACKBONE (AS33891) Thrice<br>remarks: 12713:9264 Announce to all except CORE_BACKBONE<br>remarks:<br>remarks:<br>remarks: 12713:9271 Prepend to VERIZON DIGITAL MEDIA SERVICES (AS15133) Once<br>remarks: 12713:9272 Prepend to VERIZON DIGITAL MEDIA SERVICES (AS15133) Twice<br>remarks: 12713:9273 Prepend to VERIZON DIGITAL MEDIA SERVICES (AS15133) Thrice<br>remarks: 12713:9274 Announce to all except VERIZON DIGITAL MEDIA SERVICES<br>remarks:<br>remarks: 12713:9281 Prepend to CDN77 (AS60088) Once<br>remarks: 12713:9282 Prepend to CDN77 (AS60088) Twice<br>remarks: 12713:9283 Prepend to CDN77 (AS60088) Thrice<br>remarks: 12713:9284 Announce to all except CDN77<br>remarks:<br>remarks: 12713:9291 Prepend to HETZNER ONLINE (AS24940) Once<br>remarks: 12713:9292 Prepend to HETZNER ONLINE (AS24940) Twice<br>remarks: 12713:9293 Prepend to HETZNER ONLINE (AS24940) Thrice<br>remarks: 12713:9294 Announce to all except HETZNER ONLINE<br>remarks:<br>remarks: 12713:9411 Prepend to AMS-IX peers Once<br>remarks: 12713:9412 Prepend to AMS-IX peers Twice<br>remarks: 12713:9413 Prepend to AMS-IX peers Thrice<br>remarks: 12713:9414 Announce to all except AMS-IX<br>remarks:<br>remarks: 12713:9421 Prepend to LINX peers Once<br>remarks: 12713:9422 Prepend to LINX peers Twice<br>remarks: 12713:9423 Prepend to LINX peers Thrice<br>remarks: 12713:9424 Announce to all except LINX<br>remarks:<br>remarks: 12713:9431 Prepend to DEC-IX peers Once<br>remarks: 12713:9432 Prepend to DEC-IX peers Twice<br>remarks: 12713:9433 Prepend to DEC-IX peers Thrice<br>remarks: 12713:9434 Announce to all except DEC-IX<br>remarks:<br>remarks:<br>remarks:<br>admin-c: DUMY-RIPE<br>tech-c: DUMY-RIPE<br>status: ASSIGNED<br>mnt-by: RIPE-NCC-END-MNT<br>notify:<br>mnt-by: AS12713-MNT<br>created: 2002-06-26T19:07:53Z<br>last-modified: 2018-09-21T11:58:35Z<br>source: RIPE<br>remarks: ****************************<br>remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED<br>remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal<br>remarks: * data has been removed from this object.<br>remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at:<br>remarks: *<br>remarks: ****************************<br><br><br>

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