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How to Register Objects in the RADB

This is a brief explanation of how to register in the RADB. It is intended as a sort of 'quick start' document, detailing only the minimum steps necessary to register. If you are not familiar with RPSL (Routing Policy Specification Language, used to express policy in the RADB), you may wish to refer to the REFERENCE section for background documents. This document provides templates for registering three types of objects in the RADB, as well as basic troubleshooting tips:

Step One Maintainer object Account identifier for database objects
Step Two Route and Route6 objects Specifies origin AS of IPv4/IPv6 prefixes
Step Three Aut-num object Routing policy for an AS

AS-SETs AS-SET Optional object for groups of AS's

Step One - Register a Maintainer

Maintainer objects specify the parties who are allowed to perform updates to the RADB, and how these parties are authenticated. When a route or aut-num object is submitted for registration, a Maintainer object must be registered and referenced in the route or aut-num object; otherwise the submission will be rejected. Thus, the first step * to registering information in the RADB is to register a Maintainer object.

*In order to register in the RADB, you'll first need to obtain an Autonomous System (AS) number. ARIN handles such assignments in North America. There are also regional registries for Latin America (LACNIC), Europe (RIPE), the Asia-Pacific region (APNIC) and Africa (Afrinic).

To register your maintainer object, please use the RADB registration form. An RADB administrator will then verify your AS contact information and, subject to approval, notify you of your successful registration. Once the RADB adminstrator has notified you that your maintainer object has been added, you can pay your invoice online. After the Maintainer object is created, modifications can be made via the RADB Web Portal interface.

Step Two - Register Routes

After registering a Maintainer, the next step is to register route objects for IPv4 routes, and route6 objects for IPv6 routes. Route6 objects are identical to route objects, but use the attribute name "route6:" instead of "route:". These objects may be created through the RADb Web Portal interface. Please refer to the examples below as a guide.

Route6 Object Example

Attributes Comments
route6:    2001:48A8::/32
Route in CIDR format
descr:     Merit Network IPv6
Description or location of the network
origin:    AS237
AS originating the route
mnt-by:    MAINT-AS237
Which mntner objects can update this entry
changed: 20070808
Email address and date
source:    RADB
Name of database containing the object

Route Object Example

Attributes Comments
Route in CIDR format
descr:     UONet
           University of Oregon
           Computing Center
           Eugene, OR 97403-1212
Description or location of the network
origin:    AS3582
AS originating the route
mnt-by:    MAINT-AS3582
Which mntner objects can update this entry
changed: 19960222
Email address and date
source:    RADB
Name of database containing the object

Step Three - Register AS and Policy Information

After registering a Maintainer object and routes, the next step is to register an aut-num object, thereby specifying an AS's routing policy. A sample aut-num object is shown below for a simple stub AS multihomed to two providers (AS64444 and AS64488). (For a more detailed description of aut-num objects, see RFC 2650 or see the REFERENCE section below). To register AS policy, please proceed to the RADb Web Portal.

Note that the mnt-by field should contain the string you submitted in the mntner field of the Maintainer object.

Aut-num Example

Attributes Comments
aut-num:   AS64323
AS Number
as-name:   MAINESTATE
Short descriptive one word name for the AS
descr:     Maine State University
Longer description of object
import:    from AS64444 accept ANY
Import policy
import:    from AS64488 accept ANY
Import Policy
export:    to AS64444 announce AS64323
Export policy
export:    to AS64488 announce AS64323
Export policy
admin-c:   Fred Meyer
Administrative Contact
tech-c:    Seth Taylor
Technical Contact
mnt-by:    MAINT-AS64323
mntner responsible
changed: 20080328
 Email and date of last change
source:    RADB
Name of database containing the object

AS-SET Objects

AS-SET objects are optional and may be registered through the RADb Web Portal. They are typically used by ISP's to list the AS's for which they provide transit. Please refer to the example below as a guide. See section 5.2 in RFC 2622 for more information.

AS-SET Example

Attributes Comments
Name of AS-SET Object
descr:     Provides Transit to these ASes
 Description of set
members:   AS64423, AS64899, AS65000
AS's that are part of the AS-SET
mnt-by:    MAINT-AS64488
mntner responsible
changed: 20060316   
Email and date of last change
source:    RADB
Name of database containing the object

For More Information

If you have questions about using the RADB, please send email to the database team at


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