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aut-num:    AS262428
as-name:    Link10
descr:      Link10
import:     from AS268696   accept ANY
import:     from AS28329   accept ANY
mp-import:  afi ipv6.unicast from AS268696   accept ANY
mp-import:  afi ipv6.unicast from AS28329   accept ANY
export:     to AS268696   announce AS262428:AS-LINK10-ALL
export:     to AS28329   announce AS262428:AS-LINK10-ALL
mp-export:  afi ipv6.unicast to AS268696   announce AS262428:AS-LINK10-ALL
mp-export:  afi ipv6.unicast to AS28329   announce AS262428:AS-LINK10-ALL
admin-c:    CGR
tech-c:     CGR
remarks:    ===============================================
            Link 10
            Website: http://www.link10.com.br
            Peering and Routing Policy: https://www.peeringdb.com/net/5855
            Peering: cgr@link10.com.br
remarks:    ===============================================
            24 x 7 technical support regarding our BGP routing
            policies or any inquiries concerning AS262428's
            security and routing policies please reach out to us
            at the following channels:
remarks:    Network issues / requests: cgr@link10.com.br
            Peering issues / requests: cgr@link10.com.br
            Abuse and SPAM : cgr@link10.com.br
            Or dial +55 (32) 2421-0008
remarks:    ============================================================
            AS262428 Basic Interconnection Requirements
remarks:    The following is required from your organization in order to
            establish a BGP session with Link 10 at ASN 262428:
            - The customer must use a RIR assigned ASN.
            - The customer must have a route/route6 object for each prefix
            it intends to announce to us, which might include its own
            prefixes and, if desired, its customers' prefixes as well (customer cone).
            - Each route/route6 object corresponding to a customer prefix
            (yours or a prefix from your customer cone) must inform the
            correct ASN in its 'origin' field.
            - The ASN mentioned in the 'origin' field of each route and route6
            object must have its proper and corresponding aut-num object.
            - The aforementioned aut-num objects must have a clear routing
            policy stating what as-sets are to be announced to us.
            - This as-set MUST be informed on PeeringDB ("IRR as-set/route-set")
remarks:    Link 10 strongly encourages you to use two simultaneous methods to
            validate the origin of the prefixes you announce to us: IRR and ROA
            (published in your RPKI regime). This is highly recommended because
            some of our direct upstreams and also indirect upstreams may reject
            any routes where there is a failure in the origin validation process.
remarks:    You can start this process by "cleaning up your own house first", then
            working directly with your customers so they can do their homework too,
            and, by doing that, we can all prevent route leaks and prefix hijacking
            from happening. :-)
remarks:    Last but not least, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions
            or need our assistance in working these best practices with you!
            We will definitely make ourselves available to increase the security of the
            Internet, your experience as our customer/partner, and in the best
            interest of our mutual agreement!
mnt-by:     MAINT-AS262428
changed:    cgr@link10.com.br 20220923  #19:06:49Z
source:     RADB