Replace Existing Object

Replacing Existing Objects

If you receive the following error message on the RADb website, another RADb customer may be maintaining a similar object on your behalf.

A similar object maintained by MAINT-EXAMPLE already exists and must be removed before a replacement object is created.

Existing IRR Objects can only be edited and deleted by an authorized maintainer. An object's authorized maintainer is defined by each of the object's mnt-by: attribute. The authorized maintainer is typically the maintainer that created or most recently edited the object.

The Query Tool can be used to verify current maintainers for each object object.

If the object you are attempting to create relates to an asset that is assigned to your organization, such as an ASN or network address space, the object can be deleted or moved on your behalf. Consider reaching out to the current maintainer to request that they delete the object. Once the object is deleted, you'll be able to recreate the object in your RADb account. Alternatively, you can request that the object is transferred from the current RADb maintainer account to your RADb maintainer account for editing. Please contact Support.

If the object you are attempting to create has a name collision with an existing object, it's an indication that the new object isn't properly scoped. While the RADb namespace is global, new objects should be named in a hierarchy. For example, you may wish to create a new AS-SET object to describe your customers. Perhaps you considered the name AS-CUSTOMERS. The example name is problematic because it resides in RADB's global namespace and can only be managed by a single maintainer. Further, another AS-SET object named AS-CUSTOMER may exist in other IRRs. The potential for a collision can be eliminated by scoping the name with an ASN such as AS64496: AS-CUSTOMERS.