How to Create Objects in Merit Radb via Email

How to Create Objects in Merit RADB via Email

To create objects in the RADB via the email processor, you must send the objects to The processor will first check the RPSL syntax of the objects, then verify your authorization mechanism before accepting the objects. The objects must be sent as plain text and should not be sent in HTML or as an attachment.

If you are using password authentication, you will need to include a line with your password at the beginning of the message. The password must be prefixed with the string "password:" and separated from the following objects by a blank line. Below is an example:

password:      Asekrit42

descr:         Maine State University
origin:        AS64001
mnt-by:        MAINT-AS64001
changed: 20060707
source:        RADB

After receiving a reply from auto-dbm stating that the submission succeeded, you can query for your record as follows:

  > whois -h

For more information about submitting database records, see How to Register in the RADB.

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