How to Query Merit Radb

How to Query Merit RADB

The RADB whois server provides information collected from all the registries that form part of the Internet Routing Registry. These collected registries provide information on most of the networks and ASs routed in the Internet today. The query server is easy to use. For example, the following command queries the RADB RPSL database for information about a network with the address . (The -h parameter tells the whois client on your machine that you want to talk to the IRRd whois server):

whois -h

The output includes an RADB "Route object" containing information about the network:

descr:         UONet
               University of Oregon
               Computing Center
               Eugene, OR 97403-1212
origin:        AS3582
mnt-by:        MAINT-AS3582
changed: 19960222
source:        RADB

(This example is taken from RFC 2650, "Using RPSL in Practice.") You can also request information about a particular AS:

 whois -h AS8

The aut-num object is shown below:

aut-num:    AS8
as-name:    RICE
descr:      Rice University AS
import:     from AS2914
            action pref=100;
            accept RS-ALL
import:     from AS4557
            action pref=100;
            accept RS-ALL
import:     from AS7276
            action pref=100;
            accept RS-ALL
import:     from AS3356
            action pref=100;
            accept RS-ALL
export:     to AS2914
            announce ANY
export:     to AS3356
            announce ANY
export:     to AS4557
            announce AS8
export:     to AS7276
            announce ANY
tech-c:     CF2182
admin-c:    FG50
mnt-by:     MAINT-AS8
changed: 20050205
source:     RADB

Aut-num objects provide a description of an Autonomous System's routing policy. The "import" field in the example above tells you what routes are imported by AS8; the "export" field tells you what routes it exports.

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