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Utilize Merit RADb for your network

Merit RADb (radb.net) is a public registry of network routing information that assists with the transfer of data over the Internet. Merit RADb provides organizations with tools to register their network routing assets, track routing changes, and determine the health of network assets.

Thousands of organizations that operate networks have registered their routing policies in Merit RADb to facilitate the operation of the Internet, including Internet service providers, universities, and business enterprises. The information in Merit RADb enables organizations to troubleshoot routing problems, automatically configure backbone routers, generate access lists, and perform network planning.

Any organization with an autonomous system number (ASN) may register in Merit RADb for an annual fee of $495 (U.S. Dollars). Non-profit organizations may register annually for $395.

Download the Merit RADb Brochure
- Provides object registration and public whois queries
- TCP tool support (e.g., IRRToolSet)
- Delivers reports on your network's health from an external perspective
- Unparalleled technical support from experienced engineers
- 24 x 7 technical support
- New maintainers registered within 24 hours of submission
- Mirrors the data of more than 30 other IRR databases

Merit RADb is operated by Merit Network Inc.
1000 Oakbrook Drive Suite 200, Ann Arbor, MI 48104-6794