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as-set: AS-132876
descr: Symphony Communication Public Company Limited
members: AS132876, AS132880, AS132280, AS10226, AS45537, AS3839, AS4762, AS9464, AS9475, AS9486, AS9533, AS9546, AS9551, AS9562, AS9903, AS10227, AS17479, AS17827, AS23687, AS23919, AS24328, AS24453, AS37932, AS37992, AS38265, AS38589, AS45575, AS45847, AS55488, AS55545, AS131221, AS131246, AS131257, AS132250, AS132482, AS132493, AS132701, AS132879, AS133042, AS4621, AS9835, AS38235, AS38566, AS58465, AS24478, AS23884, AS38901, AS9873, AS55508, AS133500, AS4776, AS7630, AS133167, AS24040, AS45656, AS132088, AS134708, AS59318, AS131207, AS9411, AS134509, AS135005, AS55769, AS135034, AS132866, AS58424, AS132599, AS133880, AS18362, AS55440, AS4767, AS38623, AS30538, AS24337, AS133919, AS134064, AS135528, AS23974, AS17726, AS38286, AS135375, AS58447, AS132599, AS135586, AS131309, AS55329, AS17976, AS38901, AS7712, AS45429, AS45498, AS38608, AS38209, AS24441, AS38608, AS133070, AS18014, AS45656, AS38600, AS38286, AS132590, AS132730, AS17726, AS133588, AS134125, AS45656, AS55769, AS24492, AS135375, AS45348, AS133941, AS131331, AS23673, AS135429, AS63998, AS58424, AS136393, AS45142, AS18215, AS46013, AS132201, AS45456, AS131391, AS4741, AS9649, AS9715, AS17499, AS17887, AS17423, AS17901, AS24491, AS46074, AS55522, AS56067, AS23925, AS24326, AS24540, AS24573, AS37932, AS37992, AS38034, AS38228, AS38589, AS45328, AS45662, AS55514, AS55545, AS56118, AS58806, AS134509, AS55927, AS4618, AS136624, AS45543, AS56147, AS63764, AS23927, AS131357, AS24085, AS56018, AS136737, AS23900, AS133500, AS136748, AS30893, AS24217, AS61440, AS24097, AS134690, AS135141, AS56134, AS45806, AS17804, AS137546, AS24344, AS24187, AS137905, AS136255, AS132100, AS137566
admin-c: NIP-SYMC
tech-c: NIP-SYMC
mnt-by: MAINT-AS132280
changed: 20180613 #03:30:54Z
source: RADB

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