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as-set: AS-DACOM
descr: ASes of LG U+'s and LG U+ Customers'
members: AS3786
members: AS17858
members: AS17853
members: AS9316
members: AS2385, AS2563, AS3357, AS3608, AS3748,
AS3813, AS3976, AS4202, AS4663, AS4665,
AS4668, AS4671, AS4756, AS4790, AS4791,
AS4793, AS4809, AS4961, AS6507, AS7557,
AS7558, AS7560, AS7564, AS7625, AS7626,
AS7627, AS9271, AS9276, AS9320, AS9323,
AS9452, AS9456, AS9459, AS9488, AS9489,
AS9490, AS9491, AS9493, AS9522, AS9523,
AS9524, AS9526, AS9527, AS9529, AS9530,
AS9532, AS9568, AS9571, AS9572, AS9575,
AS9576, AS9577, AS9578, AS9579, AS9628,
AS9629, AS9631, AS9632, AS9634, AS9638,
AS9641, AS9643, AS9647, AS9684, AS9686,
AS9688, AS9693, AS9696, AS9699, AS9700,
AS9703, AS9704, AS9707, AS9709, AS9711,
AS9753, AS9759, AS9761, AS9766, AS9767,
AS9769, AS9772, AS9776, AS9777, AS9778,
AS9779, AS9780, AS9781, AS9782, AS9840,
AS9841, AS9843, AS9846, AS9847, AS9849,
AS9852, AS9856, AS9857, AS9861, AS9863,
AS9865, AS9866, AS9868, AS9869, AS9870,
AS9871, AS9946, AS9949 ,AS9951, AS9953,
AS9954, AS9955, AS9959, AS9960, AS9962,
AS9965, AS9968, AS9969, AS9970, AS9972,
AS9974, AS9975, AS9976, AS9978, AS9982,
AS10034, AS10035, AS10040, AS10042, AS10045,
AS10052, AS10053, AS10055, AS10058, AS10063,
AS10064 ,AS10071 ,AS10073, AS10088, AS10156,
AS10159, AS10161, AS10165, AS10167, AS10168,
AS10170, AS10173, AS10174, AS10177, AS10179,
AS10180, AS10182, AS10183, AS10185, AS10187,
AS10190, AS10192, AS10196, AS10197, AS10198,
AS13778, AS14650, AS16638, AS17567, AS17568,
AS17569, AS17578, AS17582, AS17583, AS17587,
AS17588, AS17590, AS17591, AS17592, AS17594,
AS17595, AS17599, AS17600, AS17601, AS17603,
AS17606, AS17608, AS17614, AS17615, AS17837,
AS17840, AS17843, AS17852, AS17862, AS17863,
AS17865, AS17868, AS17869, AS17873, AS17874,
AS17877, AS17881, AS18023, AS18026, AS18027,
AS18028, AS18031, AS18034, AS18035, AS18038,
AS18157, AS18158, AS18163, AS18164, AS18169,
AS18170, AS18171, AS18175, AS18176, AS18294,
AS18295, AS18298, AS18303, AS18305, AS18309,
AS18312, AS18314, AS18315, AS18319, AS18322,
AS18324, AS18325, AS18326, AS18330, AS18331,
AS18332, AS18337, AS18338, AS18340, AS18341,
AS18343, AS18373, AS18401, AS23554, AS23555,
AS23559, AS23561, AS23562, AS23564, AS23567,
AS23568, AS23569, AS23571, AS23573, AS23576,
AS23579, AS23586, AS23713, AS23714, AS23743,
AS23759, AS23908, AS23971, AS23975, AS23980,
AS23982, AS23983, AS24027, AS24151, AS31529,
AS38088, AS38094, AS38098, AS38104, AS38105,
AS38110, AS38111, AS38113, AS38126, AS38127,
AS38128, AS38129, AS38131, AS38132, AS38133,
AS38135, AS38387, AS38391, AS38393, AS38394,
AS38395, AS38397, AS38399, AS38400, AS38401,
AS38402, AS38403, AS38404, AS38405, AS38406,
AS38407, AS38408, AS38411, AS38412, AS38413,
AS38414, AS38418, AS38420, AS38422, AS38426,
AS38427, AS38428, AS38430, AS38431, AS38436,
AS38660, AS38663, AS38665, AS38667, AS38668,
AS38681, AS38683, AS38686, AS38692, AS38694,
AS38700, AS38701, AS38704, AS38706, AS38707,
AS38708, AS45361, AS45363, AS45364, AS45368,
AS45371, AS45374, AS45384, AS45390, AS45392,
AS45394, AS45397, AS45401, AS45402, AS45404,
AS45406, AS45408, AS45966, AS45970, AS45974,
AS45978, AS45979, AS45980, AS45983, AS45985,
AS45987, AS45989, AS45993, AS46002, AS46008,
AS46009, AS49488, AS51966, AS55585, AS55588,
AS55592, AS55598, AS55601, AS55605, AS55606,
AS55608, AS55610, AS55612, AS55613, AS55617,
AS55620, AS55622, AS55624, AS55626, AS55627,
AS55628, AS55629, AS55630, AS55631, AS55632,
AS55633, AS58879
admin-c: Yong Geel Baik
tech-c: Yong Geel Baik
mnt-by: MAINT-AS3786
changed: 20161102
source: RADB

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