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as-set: AS-PCH
descr: ASes announced by Packet Clearing House
members: AS3856, AS42, AS715, AS-RS, AS32978, AS32979, AS35160, AS38052,
AS16668, AS44876, AS45170, AS297, AS45494, AS27678, AS52306, AS52234,
AS54145, AS187, AS27, AS54390, AS11893, AS52304, AS21556, AS19281, AS10886
admin-c: Bill Woodcock
tech-c: Bill Woodcock
mnt-by: MAINT-AS3856
changed: 20171013
source: RADB

person: Bill Woodcock
address: 2355 Virginia Street
Berkeley, CA 94709
phone: +1 510 409-6620
fax-no: +1 510 548-1891
nic-hdl: BW1324-ARIN
mnt-by: MAINT-AS3856
changed: 20060309
source: RADB

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