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as-set: AS-THIX
descr: Stub ASs of Thailand Internet eXchange (THIX-AS4651)
members: AS4651, AS3491, AS3836, AS3839, AS3918,
AS4274, AS4618, AS4621, AS4637, AS4653,
AS4741, AS4750, AS4762, AS4765, AS4767,
AS4776, AS4784, AS4803, AS4823, AS4827,
AS4829, AS7470, AS7473, AS7485, AS7487,
AS7568, AS7588, AS7596, AS7613, AS7616,
AS7630, AS7636, AS7654, AS7693, AS7712,
AS7715, AS7862, AS8674, AS9126, AS9287,
AS9315, AS9339, AS9397, AS9411, AS9413,
AS9422, AS9464, AS9475, AS9486, AS9505,
AS9533, AS9546, AS9551, AS9562, AS9587,
AS9649, AS9715, AS9737, AS9741, AS9744,
AS9834, AS9835, AS9873, AS9881, AS9891,
AS9902, AS9903, AS9930, AS9931, AS9936,
AS9988, AS10028, AS10086, AS10089, AS10099,
AS10126, AS10151, AS10207, AS10226, AS10227,
AS13335, AS13778, AS17423, AS17425, AS17427,
AS17441, AS17445, AS17451, AS17460, AS17468,
AS17471, AS17475, AS17478, AS17479, AS17489,
AS17499, AS17552, AS17556, AS17565, AS17634,
AS17639, AS17666, AS17714, AS17724, AS17726,
AS17761, AS17804, AS17823, AS17827, AS17887,
AS17901, AS17976, AS17978, AS17980, AS17981,
AS18013, AS18014, AS18106, AS18115, AS18197,
AS18205, AS18215, AS18252, AS18256, AS18356,
AS18362, AS18386, AS18399, AS18403, AS18408,
AS18409, AS18723, AS19239, AS19551, AS20144,
AS20940, AS21342, AS21859, AS22332, AS23456,
AS23602, AS23644, AS23656, AS23673, AS23683,
AS23685, AS23687, AS23717, AS23725, AS23757,
AS23873, AS23883, AS23884, AS23891, AS23900,
AS23919, AS23925, AS23927, AS23932, AS23955,
AS23969, AS23974, AS24040, AS24042, AS24060,
AS24067, AS24076, AS24082, AS24083, AS24088,
AS24097, AS24128, AS24187, AS24190, AS24214,
AS24217, AS24237, AS24239, AS24242, AS24299,
AS24326, AS24328, AS24337, AS24344, AS24378,
AS24379, AS24393, AS24429, AS24441, AS24453,
AS24455, AS24465, AS24472, AS24478, AS24491,
AS24492, AS24497, AS24540, AS24555, AS24562,
AS24567, AS24573, AS25128, AS29129, AS29216,
AS30538, AS30893, AS30992, AS36408, AS37930,
AS37932, AS37977, AS37983, AS37992, AS38000,
AS38001, AS38002, AS38024, AS38034, AS38040,
AS38070, AS38074, AS38081, AS38082, AS38168,
AS38184, AS38209, AS38223, AS38228, AS38231,
AS38235, AS38239, AS38247, AS38255, AS38265,
AS38286, AS38293, AS38296, AS38297, AS38321,
AS38326, AS38328, AS38443, AS38444, AS38448,
AS38450, AS38528, AS38535, AS38543, AS38554,
AS38566, AS38579, AS38589, AS38599, AS38600,
AS38601, AS38608, AS38618, AS38623, AS38718,
AS38723, AS38794, AS38795, AS38801, AS38815,
AS38820, AS38865, AS38875, AS38886, AS38888,
AS38889, AS38893, AS38899, AS38901, AS41264,
AS41281, AS42473, AS42909, AS45134, AS45142,
AS45152, AS45173, AS45197, AS45199, AS45200,
AS45223, AS45229, AS45250, AS45254, AS45255,
AS45265, AS45328, AS45348, AS45413, AS45419,
AS45429, AS45430, AS45441, AS45455, AS45456,
AS45458, AS45471, AS45498, AS45503, AS45520,
AS45533, AS45537, AS45538, AS45544, AS45552,
AS45558, AS45575, AS45581, AS45606, AS45629,
AS45642, AS45652, AS45656, AS45662, AS45667,
AS45752, AS45758, AS45764, AS45781, AS45796,
AS45800, AS45805, AS45806, AS45807, AS45847,
AS45860, AS45878, AS45906, AS45958, AS45959,
AS46013, AS46071, AS46074, AS46079, AS54994,
AS55297, AS55303, AS55309, AS55325, AS55329,
AS55339, AS55349, AS55403, AS55407, AS55423,
AS55440, AS55451, AS55464, AS55465, AS55476,
AS55488, AS55490, AS55496, AS55498, AS55508,
AS55511, AS55514, AS55522, AS55526, AS55538,
AS55545, AS55554, AS55559, AS55634, AS55635,
AS55636, AS55642, AS55646, AS55718, AS55738,
AS55760, AS55769, AS55771, AS55790, AS55802,
AS55843, AS55844, AS55864, AS55867, AS55868,
AS55916, AS55925, AS55927, AS55932, AS55938,
AS56016, AS56018, AS56050, AS56067, AS56085,
AS56096, AS56112, AS56117, AS56118, AS56120,
AS56130, AS56134, AS56223, AS56277, AS56309,
AS58370, AS58374, AS58424, AS58436, AS58465,
AS58523, AS58544, AS58690, AS58692, AS58755,
AS58806, AS58808, AS58913, AS58924, AS58930,
AS58952, AS58955, AS59238, AS59318, AS59351,
AS59372, AS59374, AS61440, AS63528, AS63545,
AS63744, AS63852, AS63940, AS63951, AS63972,
AS63989, AS63998, AS64474, AS131089, AS131090,
AS131178, AS131186, AS131207, AS131221, AS131246,
AS131257, AS131267, AS131293, AS131309, AS131322,
AS131331, AS131407, AS131421, AS131445, AS131447,
AS131460, AS131472, AS132009, AS132013, AS132032,
AS132037, AS132061, AS132062, AS132063, AS132080,
AS132088, AS132098, AS132100, AS132107, AS132117,
AS132132, AS132133, AS132148, AS132167, AS132172,
AS132201, AS132203, AS132233, AS132238, AS132250,
AS132280, AS132300, AS132344, AS132371, AS132380,
AS132479, AS132482, AS132493, AS132513, AS132545,
AS132590, AS132599, AS132605, AS132618, AS132681,
AS132686, AS132701, AS132730, AS132806, AS132821,
AS132849, AS132866, AS132876, AS132879, AS132880,
AS132900, AS133042, AS133063, AS133070, AS133113,
AS133149, AS133163, AS133167, AS133193, AS133376,
AS133384, AS133385, AS133392, AS133440, AS133481,
AS133496, AS133500, AS133524, AS133528, AS133529,
AS133537, AS133543, AS133581, AS133630, AS133751,
AS133760, AS133761, AS133764, AS133791, AS133847,
AS133848, AS133880, AS133888, AS133907, AS133909,
AS133919, AS133947, AS133956, AS134064, AS134073,
AS134077, AS134079, AS134086, AS134089, AS134095,
AS134100, AS134105, AS134125, AS134162, AS134166,
AS134240, AS134405, AS134438, AS134509, AS134682,
AS134686, AS134690, AS134695, AS134708, AS134718,
AS134724, AS134736, AS134739, AS134776, AS134839,
AS134840, AS134952, AS134976, AS135005, AS135010,
AS135012, AS135034, AS135070, AS135074, AS135141,
AS135161, AS135279, AS135286, AS135290, AS135307,
AS135333, AS135371, AS135375, AS135391, AS135405,
AS135429, AS135433, AS135511, AS135528, AS135529,
AS135586, AS135587, AS135617, AS135620, AS135635,
AS135640, AS135664, AS135670, AS135671, AS135909,
AS136023, AS136035, AS136040, AS136045, AS136147,
AS136158, AS136177, AS136182, AS136221, AS136393,
AS136418, AS136457, AS136480, AS136507, AS136523,
AS136527, AS136551, AS136566, AS136579, AS136581,
AS136583, AS136605, AS136613, AS136624, AS136737,
AS136742, AS136748, AS136771, AS136780, AS136781,
AS136783, AS136947, AS136952, AS136967, AS136975,
AS136998, AS137053, AS137058, AS137198, AS137248,
AS137392, AS137394, AS137422, AS137423, AS137537,
AS137545, AS137546, AS137551, AS137560, AS137566,
AS137811, AS137885, AS137905, AS198412, AS206614
admin-c: KM1-TH
tech-c: KJ73-ARIN
changed: 20180614
changed: 20180614
source: RADB

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