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descr: List of all AS's and AS sets accept from Triple T Internet
members: AS45758, AS24326, AS38550, AS4274, AS4750, AS4762, AS7485, AS7862, AS9464, AS9475, AS9533, AS9551, AS9562, AS9551, AS9649, AS9835, AS9902, AS17479, AS17724, AS17823, AS23883, AS24060, AS24242, AS24328, AS24344, AS24378, AS24540, AS37992, AS38444, AS38448, AS38801, AS38886, AS45254, AS45455, AS45471, AS45520, AS45629, AS45764, AS17425, AS55808, AS7485, AS24453, AS7616, AS45441, AS55925, AS37932, AS45752, AS55451, AS55488, AS55476, AS55938, AS55476, AS9741, AS55423, AS4741, AS7693, AS23884, AS58806, AS56277, AS38886, AS20940, AS133120, AS-45629, AS13335, AS133880, AS133581, AS132133, AS3839, AS55514, AS3839, AS45537, AS136624, AS132701
mnt-by: MAINT-AS45758
changed: 20180108 #09:57:59Z
source: RADB

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