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as-set: AS-YAHOO
descr: Yahoo ASNs to accept routes from
members: AS1668, AS5779, AS7233, AS7280, AS10157, AS10229, AS10230
members: AS10310, AS10467, AS10880, AS13533, AS14196, AS14678, AS14776
members: AS14777, AS14778, AS14779, AS14780, AS14781, AS15635, AS15896
members: AS16515, AS17110, AS17457, AS18293, AS19571, AS22565, AS22609
members: AS23879, AS23880, AS23926, AS24018, AS24031, AS24236, AS24376
members: AS24506, AS26085, AS26101, AS26316, AS28122, AS28587, AS32116
members: AS32345, AS33612, AS34010, AS34082, AS36088, AS36129, AS36229
members: AS36646, AS36647, AS36752, AS36839, AS38032, AS38033, AS38045
members: AS38072, AS38689, AS39995, AS40986, AS42173, AS43428, AS45501
members: AS53472, AS55416, AS55417, AS55418, AS55517, AS56173, AS134706
members: AS203070, AS203219, AS203220, AS204000, AS393245, AS394340
members: AS394560, AS394561
remarks: Yahoo Global ASs
tech-c: Yahoo Network
admin-c: Yahoo Network
changed: 20171018
source: RADB

as-set: AS-YAHOO
descr: Yahoo ASNs to accept routes from
members: AS10310, AS26085, AS26101,
AS7233, AS5779, AS14776,
AS14778, as-yahoo
remarks: Level3 members: AS5779 RADB::AS10310 RADB::AS7233 RADB::AS26085 RADB::AS26101
remarks: Level3 members: RADB::AS14776 RADB::AS-yahoo RADB::AS14778
tech-c: AB474-ARIN
mnt-by: YAHOO-MNT
changed: 20060301
source: LEVEL3

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