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aut-num: AS3741<br>as-name: IS<br>descr: Internet Solutions (South Africa)<br>admin-c: TMQTJIAXKI<br>tech-c: TMQTJIAXKI<br>import: from AS701 accept ANY<br>import: from AS702 accept ANY<br>import: from AS1273 accept ANY<br>import: from AS7018 accept ANY<br>import: from AS2686 accept &lt;^AS2686$&gt;<br>import: from AS2905 accept &lt;^AS2905$&gt;<br>import: from AS5710 accept &lt;^AS5710$&gt;<br>import: from AS6180 accept &lt;^AS6180$&gt;<br>import: from AS6187 accept &lt;^AS6187$&gt;<br>import: from AS6351 accept &lt;^AS6351$&gt;<br>import: from AS7020 accept &lt;^AS7020$&gt;<br>import: from AS8094 accept &lt;^AS8094$&gt;<br>import: from AS5430 accept AS-FREENETDE<br>import: from AS27822 accept ANY<br>export: to AS701 announce AS-IS<br>export: to AS702 announce AS-IS<br>export: to AS1273 announce AS-IS<br>export: to AS7018 announce AS-IS<br>export: to AS2686 announce AS-IS-SATRANSIT<br>export: to AS2905 announce AS-IS-SATRANSIT<br>export: to AS5710 announce AS-IS-SATRANSIT<br>export: to AS6180 announce AS-IS-SATRANSIT AS-IS-PEERS<br>export: to AS6187 announce AS-IS-SATRANSIT<br>export: to AS6351 announce AS-IS-SATRANSIT AS-IS-PEERS<br>export: to AS7020 announce AS-IS-SATRANSIT AS-IS-PEERS<br>export: to AS8094 announce AS-IS-SATRANSIT AS-IS-PEERS<br>export: to AS5430 announce AS-IS<br>export: to AS27822 announce AS-IS<br>remarks: *********************************************************<br>remarks: * *<br>remarks: * NOTE: AS-IS RADB policies currently under review as *<br>remarks: * as they are mostly outdated. *<br>remarks: * *<br>remarks: *********************************************************<br>notify:<br>mnt-by: MAINT-AS3741<br>changed: 20061026<br>source: RADB<br><br>aut-num: AS3741<br>as-name: IS<br>descr: IS<br>status: ASSIGNED<br>remarks: All Abuse to be emailed to<br>remarks: abuse e-mail: &lt;;, phone: +27 11 575 0055<br>org: ORG-TIS1-AFRINIC<br>admin-c: PD19-AFRINIC<br>admin-c: ZT12-AFRINIC<br>admin-c: NK18-AFRINIC<br>tech-c: PD19-AFRINIC<br>tech-c: ZT12-AFRINIC<br>tech-c: NK18-AFRINIC<br>tech-c: DP27-AFRINIC<br>notify: ***<br>notify: ***<br>notify: ***<br>notify: ***<br>notify: ***<br>notify: ***<br>mnt-routes: TF-ISNET-MNT<br>mnt-by: AFRINIC-HM-MNT<br>changed: *** 19940801<br>changed: ***@arin.asn 20030325<br>changed: *** 20050221<br>changed: *** 20160802<br>changed: *** 20170502<br>changed: *** 20171215<br>changed: *** 20180927<br>source: AFRINIC<br><br>aut-num: AS3741<br>as-name: IS<br>descr: Internet Solutions<br>remarks: Created for Emerging Markets Communications de Argentina S.R.L<br>remarks: Mirror of IS aut-num object from LACNIC, created by Interoute in order<br>remarks: to be able to express AS27822&#39;s routing policy within RIPE IRR.<br>remarks: EMC/IS: contact Interoute in order to take maintenance of this and other mirrored objects.<br>remarks: All Abuse to be emailed to<br>remarks: abuse e-mail: &lt;;, phone: +27 11 575 0055<br>import: from AS27822 accept ANY<br>export: to AS27822 announce AS3741<br>admin-c: DUMY-RIPE<br>tech-c: DUMY-RIPE<br>status: OTHER<br>mnt-by: INTEROUTE-MNTNR<br>created: 2006-10-14T21:44:45Z<br>last-modified: 2018-09-04T15:23:42Z<br>source: RIPE-NONAUTH<br>remarks: ****************************<br>remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED<br>remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal<br>remarks: * data has been removed from this object.<br>remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at:<br>remarks: *<br>remarks: ****************************<br><br><br>

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