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as-set:     AS-29802
descr:      Hivelocity INC and Customers
members:    AS29802
members:    AS58925
members:    AS59327
members:    AS133050
members:    AS59221
members:    AS19867
members:    AS19729
members:    AS54190
members:    AS263612
members:    AS40925
members:    AS59379
members:    AS133427
members:    AS46176
members:    AS396435
members:    AS54561
members:    AS10480
members:    AS36815
members:    AS21699
members:    AS396158
members:    AS44239
members:    AS265506
members:    AS26548
members:    AS19584
members:    AS137564
members:    AS137521
members:    AS25820
members:    AS64114
members:    AS54540
members:    AS-Incero
members:    AS397143
members:    AS52580
members:    AS397438
members:    AS-29802-Customers
members:    AS398129
members:    AS399275
members:    AS21662
remarks:    Abuse / UCE reports [email protected]
mnt-by:     MAINT-AS29802
changed:    [email protected] 20230203  #15:43:58Z
source:     RADB