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as-set:     AS-4788
members:    AS18206, AS18234, AS18253, AS24218, AS17770, AS24203, AS24835, AS8452, AS18018, AS134722
members:    AS23678, AS24020, AS24063, AS24068, AS10101, AS35457
members:    AS24091, AS18001, AS24314, AS10094, AS18227, AS17826, AS12880
members:    AS9260, AS9290, AS9655, AS9833, AS10111, AS38044, AS24442
members:    AS4788, AS17464, AS17971, AS24077, AS45282
members:    AS24432, AS10030, AS4658, AS17564, AS2042, AS24203, AS9729, AS10099
members:    AS17736, AS17666, AS17992, AS18723, AS9512, AS17460, AS24028
members:    AS2571, AS3918, AS4628, AS4983, AS38006, AS37997, AS38040, AS9737
members:    AS23889, AS11259, AS38868, AS17545, AS9381, AS7713, AS45151, AS45412
admin-c:    AAZ1-AP
tech-c:     AAZ1-AP
remarks:    ***members of AS4788 ***
notify:     [email protected]
notify:     [email protected]
mnt-by:     MAINT-AS4788
changed:    [email protected] 20200404  #03:22:12Z
source:     RADB