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as-set:     AS-ACCRETIVE
descr:      Accretive Networks IP Engineering - Transit ASes
members:    AS11608
members:    AS4258
members:    AS36182
members:    AS395487
members:    AS396906
admin-c:    MAINT-AS11608
tech-c:     MAINT-AS11608
notify:     noc@accretive-networks.net
mnt-by:     MAINT-AS11608
changed:    neteng@accretive-networks.net 20181102  #18:01:42Z
source:     RADB
mntner:     MAINT-AS11608
descr:      Accretive Networks, Inc. - IP Engineering
admin-c:    Accretive Network Engineering Team
tech-c:     Accretive Network Operations
upd-to:     neteng@accretive-networks.net
upd-to:     ncc@accretive-networks.net
mnt-nfy:    neteng@accretive-networks.net
mnt-nfy:    ncc@accretive-networks.net
remarks:    ----------------------------------------------------------
remarks:    For spam complaints, mail: abuse@accretive-networks.net
remarks:    For network issues, mail: trouble@accretive-networks.net
remarks:    or call +1 206 269 0190
remarks:    ----------------------------------------------------------
remarks:    Details of ACCRETIVE's peering policy and how to get in
remarks:    touch with ACCRETIVE regarding peering can be found at:
remarks:    http://www.accretive-networks.net/peering/
remarks:    ----------------------------------------------------------
mnt-by:     MAINT-AS11608
changed:    do-not-reply@merit.edu 20161010  #03:30:42Z
source:     RADB