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-r Disable recursive lookups
-s Query only these source(s):
as-set:     AS-C1
descr:      CyrusOne and downstream customer ASNs
members:    AS62
members:    AS19384
members:    AS19479
members:    AS20013
members:    AS30023
members:    AS19
members:    AS72
members:    AS125
members:    AS2165
members:    AS2567
members:    AS2712
members:    AS3828
members:    AS4891
members:    AS6977
members:    AS7838
members:    AS8119
members:    AS10511
members:    AS10723
members:    AS10848
members:    AS11189
members:    AS11690
members:    AS12007
members:    AS12027
members:    AS13782
members:    AS14032
members:    AS14742
members:    AS14862
members:    AS15003
members:    AS16477
members:    AS16525
members:    AS16636
members:    AS16678
members:    AS16991
members:    AS17038
members:    AS17121
members:    AS17350
members:    AS17374
members:    AS17377
members:    AS17466
members:    AS18546
members:    AS18594
members:    AS18676
members:    AS18689
members:    AS18692
members:    AS18996
members:    AS19137
members:    AS19311
members:    AS19325
members:    AS19606
members:    AS19787
members:    AS19857
members:    AS19961
members:    AS20333
members:    AS20339
members:    AS20416
members:    AS21945
members:    AS22334
members:    AS22578
members:    AS22717
members:    AS22775
members:    AS23010
members:    AS23165
members:    AS23426
members:    AS23463
members:    AS23530
members:    AS25765
members:    AS25836
members:    AS25889
members:    AS25907
members:    AS25938
members:    AS25945
members:    AS25955
members:    AS26234
members:    AS26512
members:    AS26513
members:    AS26646
members:    AS26705
members:    AS26716
members:    AS26940
members:    AS27383
members:    AS29952
members:    AS29954
members:    AS30036
members:    AS30059
members:    AS30175
members:    AS30246
members:    AS30347
members:    AS30423
members:    AS30491
members:    AS31966
members:    AS32076
members:    AS32382
members:    AS32402
members:    AS32418
members:    AS32427
members:    AS32457
members:    AS32462
members:    AS32857
members:    AS33016
members:    AS33365
members:    AS35934
members:    AS36050
members:    AS36111
members:    AS36328
members:    AS36607
members:    AS36236
members:    AS393252
members:    AS393463
members:    AS393520
members:    AS393571
members:    AS393587
members:    AS393759
members:    AS393793
members:    AS393832
members:    AS393842
members:    AS393924
members:    AS393961
members:    AS393976
members:    AS394122
members:    AS394302
members:    AS394481
members:    AS395069
members:    AS395161
members:    AS395268
members:    AS395273
members:    AS395288
members:    AS395533
members:    AS396041
members:    AS396285
members:    AS396290
members:    AS396333
members:    AS396361
members:    AS396497
members:    AS396838
members:    AS397325
members:    AS397374
members:    AS397768
members:    AS397843
members:    AS397941
members:    AS398381
members:    AS398409
members:    AS398492
members:    AS399110
members:    AS399604
members:    AS40062
members:    AS40666
members:    AS40708
members:    AS46202
members:    AS46204
members:    AS46282
members:    AS46437
members:    AS46606
members:    AS46608
members:    AS46784
members:    AS46903
members:    AS47523
members:    AS49362
members:    AS400537
members:    AS400615
members:    AS53305
members:    AS53396
members:    AS53559
members:    AS53562
members:    AS53736
members:    AS54076
members:    AS54426
members:    AS54554
members:    AS54635
members:    AS54775
members:    AS54963
members:    AS62467
members:    AS62529
members:    AS62598
members:    AS62659
members:    AS62680
members:    AS62872
members:    AS62964
members:    AS63011
members:    AS63044
members:    AS63455
members:    AS63474
members:    AS18701
members:    AS63321
members:    AS22104
members:    AS22688
admin-c:    Hostmaster
tech-c:     Hostmaster
remarks:    -------------------------------------------------
remarks:    Please use one of the following addresses:
remarks:    abuse@cyrusone.com - for abuse notification
remarks:    hou-noc@cyrusone.com - for operational questions
remarks:    peering@cyrusone.com - for peering questions
remarks:    -------------------------------------------------
notify:     hostmaster@cyrusone.com
mnt-by:     MAINT-AS62
changed:    hostmaster@cyrusone.com 20221021
source:     RADB
role:       UIDAHO Hostmaster
trouble:    abuse@uidaho.edu
address:    University of Idaho
            PO Box 443155, Admin Bldg Rm 140
            Moscow, ID 83844-3155
phone:      208-885-6721
fax-no:     208-885-7539
e-mail:     hostmaster@uidaho.edu
notify:     hostmaster@uidaho.edu
mnt-by:     MAINT-AS11808
changed:    matusiak@uidaho.edu 20080318  #22:55:44(UTC)
source:     RADB