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Active Flag Information
-K Return primary keys only
-T Limit to object type:
-i Invert query by:
-r Disable recursive lookups
-s Query only these source(s):
as-set:         AS-GBLX
descr:          ASs of GlobalCrossing
members:        AS6
members:        AS103
members:        AS206
members:        AS277
members:        AS286
members:        AS558
members:        AS574
members:        AS577
members:        AS812
members:        AS1251
members:        AS1680
members:        AS1811
members:        AS1812
members:        AS1916
members:        AS2576
members:        AS2631
members:        AS2707
members:        AS2711
members:        AS2828
members:        AS3079
members:        AS3132
members:        AS3292
members:        AS3327
members:        AS3360
members:        AS3392
members:        AS3491
members:        AS3494
members:        AS3512
members:        AS3578
members:        AS3595
members:        AS3653
members:        AS3663
members:        AS3742
members:        AS3770
members:        AS3828
members:        AS3955
members:        AS4043
members:        AS4195
members:        AS4211
members:        AS4230
members:        AS4436
members:        AS4544
members:        AS4569
members:        AS4581
members:        AS4583
members:        AS4589
members:        AS4657
members:        AS4716
members:        AS4755
members:        AS4780
members:        AS5006
members:        AS5050
members:        AS5062
members:        AS5063
members:        AS5067
members:        AS5078
members:        AS5080
members:        AS5539
members:        AS5647
members:        AS5651
members:        AS5668
members:        AS5713
members:        AS6129
members:        AS6140
members:        AS6220
members:        AS6221
members:        AS6296
members:        AS6303
members:        AS6352
members:        AS6379
members:        AS6404
members:        AS6432
members:        AS6471
members:        AS6508
members:        AS6517
members:        AS6519
members:        AS6532
members:        AS6570
members:        AS6636
members:        AS6650
members:        AS6663
members:        AS6667
members:        AS6938
members:        AS6983
members:        AS6993
members:        AS7024
members:        AS7055
members:        AS7065
members:        AS7224
members:        AS7321
members:        AS7341
members:        AS7351
members:        AS7385
members:        AS7395
members:        AS7738
members:        AS7770
members:        AS7784
members:        AS7795
members:        AS7845
members:        AS7859
members:        AS7883
members:        AS7908
members:        AS7922
members:        AS7977
members:        AS8015
members:        AS8048
members:        AS8055
members:        AS8057
members:        AS8085
members:        AS8560
members:        AS8708
members:        AS9121
members:        AS9304
members:        AS9416
members:        AS9731
members:        AS10005
members:        AS10026
members:        AS10242
members:        AS10297
members:        AS10302
members:        AS10318
members:        AS10355
members:        AS10358
members:        AS10480
members:        AS10481
members:        AS10489
members:        AS10725
members:        AS10732
members:        AS10778
members:        AS10789
members:        AS10835
members:        AS10848
members:        AS10910
members:        AS10912
members:        AS10913
members:        AS10933
members:        AS11003
members:        AS11081
members:        AS11127
members:        AS11151
members:        AS11172
members:        AS11266
members:        AS11340
members:        AS11401
members:        AS11456
members:        AS11466
members:        AS11509
members:        AS11520
members:        AS11556
members:        AS11582
members:        AS11588
members:        AS11608
members:        AS11664
members:        AS11688
members:        AS11745
members:        AS11766
members:        AS11795
members:        AS11820
members:        AS11824
members:        AS11842
members:        AS11853
members:        AS11854
members:        AS11855
members:        AS11919
members:        AS11921
members:        AS11922
members:        AS11946
members:        AS11992
members:        AS12003
members:        AS12006
members:        AS12008
members:        AS12081
members:        AS12141
members:        AS12167
members:        AS12176
members:        AS12179
members:        AS12180
members:        AS12181
members:        AS12182
members:        AS12222
members:        AS12243
members:        AS12703
members:        AS12832
members:        AS12969
members:        AS13052
members:        AS13237
members:        AS13377
members:        AS13381
members:        AS13384
members:        AS13387
members:        AS13424
members:        AS13445
members:        AS13488
members:        AS13531
members:        AS13577
members:        AS13609
members:        AS13633
members:        AS13654
members:        AS13690
members:        AS13703
members:        AS13720
members:        AS13736
members:        AS13768
members:        AS13789
members:        AS13790
members:        AS13791
members:        AS13814
members:        AS13817
members:        AS13956
members:        AS14000
members:        AS14059
members:        AS14060
members:        AS14089
members:        AS14113
members:        AS14135
members:        AS14167
members:        AS14178
members:        AS14198
members:        AS14259
members:        AS14294
members:        AS14312
members:        AS14320
members:        AS14346
members:        AS14359
members:        AS14361
members:        AS14413
members:        AS14466
members:        AS14492
members:        AS14501
members:        AS14545
members:        AS14648
members:        AS14733
members:        AS14744
members:        AS14745
members:        AS14757
members:        AS14818
members:        AS14828
members:        AS14880
members:        AS14882
members:        AS14895
members:        AS14917
members:        AS14939
members:        AS14998
members:        AS15070
members:        AS15077
members:        AS15138
members:        AS15170
members:        AS15180
members:        AS15226
members:        AS15255
members:        AS15261
members:        AS15270
members:        AS15286
members:        AS15772
members:        AS16207
members:        AS16392
members:        AS16397
members:        AS16402
members:        AS16406
members:        AS16420
members:        AS16440
members:        AS16445
members:        AS16466
members:        AS16471
members:        AS16509
members:        AS16544
members:        AS16561
members:        AS16613
members:        AS16632
members:        AS16633
members:        AS16659
members:        AS16713
members:        AS16724
members:        AS16735
members:        AS16742
members:        AS16809
members:        AS16814
members:        AS16838
members:        AS16848
members:        AS16912
members:        AS16940
members:        AS16948
members:        AS17011
members:        AS17054
members:        AS17058
members:        AS17124
members:        AS17149
members:        AS17151
members:        AS17184
members:        AS17222
members:        AS17239
members:        AS17256
members:        AS17283
members:        AS17292
members:        AS17294
members:        AS17301
members:        AS17378
members:        AS17379
members:        AS17388
members:        AS17647
members:        AS17916
members:        AS18457
members:        AS18534
members:        AS18562
members:        AS18607
members:        AS18611
members:        AS18640
members:        AS18666
members:        AS18692
members:        AS18695
members:        AS18729
members:        AS18734
members:        AS18743
members:        AS18749
members:        AS18755
members:        AS18803
members:        AS18809
members:        AS18881
members:        AS18885
members:        AS18887
members:        AS18900
members:        AS18915
members:        AS18945
members:        AS18950
members:        AS19009
members:        AS19012
members:        AS19019
members:        AS19022
members:        AS19024
members:        AS19087
members:        AS19089
members:        AS19107
members:        AS19166
members:        AS19180
members:        AS19182
members:        AS19222
members:        AS19243
members:        AS19244
members:        AS19336
members:        AS19381
members:        AS19409
members:        AS19469
members:        AS19479
members:        AS19504
members:        AS19571
members:        AS19609
members:        AS19642
members:        AS19681
members:        AS19750
members:        AS19752
members:        AS19779
members:        AS19816
members:        AS19831
members:        AS19836
members:        AS19861
members:        AS19889
members:        AS19916
members:        AS19938
members:        AS20012
members:        AS20034
members:        AS20037
members:        AS20060
members:        AS20111
members:        AS20112
members:        AS20171
members:        AS20207
members:        AS20245
members:        AS20292
members:        AS20355
members:        AS20379
members:        AS20404
members:        AS20940
members:        AS21155
members:        AS21351
members:        AS21357
members:        AS21520
members:        AS21583
members:        AS21599
members:        AS21651
members:        AS21702
members:        AS21748
members:        AS21756
members:        AS21764
members:        AS21826
members:        AS21833
members:        AS21840
members:        AS21844
members:        AS21877
members:        AS21882
members:        AS21892
members:        AS21928
members:        AS21941
members:        AS21947
members:        AS21979
members:        AS22043
members:        AS22047
members:        AS22073
members:        AS22098
members:        AS22140
members:        AS22155
members:        AS22167
members:        AS22173
members:        AS22177
members:        AS22203
members:        AS22205
members:        AS22211
members:        AS22298
members:        AS22307
members:        AS22372
members:        AS22381
members:        AS22384
members:        AS22419
members:        AS22433
members:        AS22449
members:        AS22455
members:        AS22489
members:        AS22500
members:        AS22555
members:        AS22557
members:        AS22564
members:        AS22566
members:        AS22585
members:        AS22602
members:        AS22709
members:        AS22727
members:        AS22764
members:        AS22781
members:        AS22805
members:        AS22822
members:        AS22844
members:        AS22884
members:        AS22899
members:        AS22934
members:        AS22958
members:        AS22969
members:        AS23002
members:        AS23028
members:        AS23052
members:        AS23099
members:        AS23104
members:        AS23141
members:        AS23147
members:        AS23148
members:        AS23160
members:        AS23190
members:        AS23245
members:        AS23342
members:        AS23346
members:        AS23351
members:        AS23355
members:        AS23392
members:        AS23421
members:        AS23494
members:        AS23517
members:        AS23541
members:        AS23987
members:        AS23995
members:        AS25658
members:        AS25686
members:        AS25700
members:        AS25703
members:        AS25761
members:        AS25765
members:        AS25795
members:        AS25844
members:        AS25855
members:        AS25902
members:        AS25935
members:        AS25956
members:        AS25972
members:        AS25975
members:        AS26041
members:        AS26116
members:        AS26210
members:        AS26277
members:        AS26312
members:        AS26315
members:        AS26330
members:        AS26347
members:        AS26425
members:        AS26426
members:        AS26464
members:        AS26482
members:        AS26496
members:        AS26592
members:        AS26617
members:        AS26706
members:        AS26746
members:        AS26759
members:        AS26780
members:        AS26787
members:        AS26793
members:        AS26845
members:        AS26853
members:        AS26895
members:        AS26914
members:        AS26929
members:        AS26978
members:        AS26979
members:        AS27187
members:        AS27257
members:        AS27276
members:        AS27316
members:        AS27343
members:        AS27354
members:        AS27364
members:        AS27384
members:        AS27392
members:        AS27412
members:        AS27462
members:        AS27473
members:        AS27581
members:        AS27589
members:        AS27644
members:        AS27659
members:        AS27664
members:        AS27724
members:        AS27744
members:        AS27747
members:        AS27757
members:        AS27824
members:        AS28502
members:        AS28513
members:        AS28573
members:        AS28578
members:        AS28612
members:        AS28613
members:        AS28625
members:        AS28664
members:        AS28707
members:        AS28753
members:        AS29457
members:        AS29695
members:        AS29748
members:        AS29761
members:        AS29794
members:        AS29796
members:        AS29798
members:        AS29812
members:        AS29882
members:        AS29930
members:        AS29944
members:        AS29948
members:        AS29972
members:        AS29973
members:        AS30008
members:        AS30041
members:        AS30048
members:        AS30167
members:        AS30169
members:        AS30170
members:        AS30177
members:        AS30212
members:        AS30247
members:        AS30322
members:        AS30361
members:        AS30380
members:        AS30391
members:        AS30420
members:        AS30449
members:        AS30452
members:        AS30467
members:        AS30468
members:        AS30560
members:        AS30643
members:        AS30666
members:        AS30827
members:        AS30950
members:        AS31109
members:        AS31216
members:        AS31823
members:        AS31831
members:        AS31908
members:        AS31909
members:        AS31932
members:        AS31933
members:        AS31954
members:        AS31972
members:        AS31993
members:        AS32007
members:        AS32013
members:        AS32014
members:        AS32016
members:        AS32034
members:        AS32035
members:        AS32098
members:        AS32117
members:        AS32161
members:        AS32195
members:        AS32270
members:        AS32301
members:        AS32326
members:        AS32370
members:        AS32409
members:        AS32574
members:        AS32614
members:        AS32631
members:        AS32679
members:        AS32723
members:        AS32743
members:        AS32759
members:        AS32787
members:        AS32805
members:        AS32854
members:        AS32861
members:        AS32960
members:        AS32962
members:        AS32964
members:        AS32966
members:        AS32967
members:        AS32968
members:        AS33042
members:        AS33065
members:        AS33106
members:        AS33109
members:        AS33227
members:        AS33273
members:        AS33308
members:        AS33316
members:        AS33419
members:        AS33444
members:        AS33452
members:        AS33494
members:        AS33517
members:        AS33535
members:        AS33537
members:        AS33540
members:        AS33597
members:        AS33704
members:        AS33739
members:        AS33748
members:        AS33753
members:        AS35176
members:        AS35857
members:        AS35879
members:        AS35892
members:        AS35925
members:        AS35945
members:        AS35996
members:        AS36017
members:        AS36078
members:        AS36108
members:        AS36119
members:        AS36211
members:        AS36236
members:        AS36250
members:        AS36259
members:        AS36276
members:        AS36309
members:        AS36351
members:        AS36388
members:        AS36408
members:        AS36431
members:        AS36437
members:        AS36458
members:        AS36471
members:        AS36480
members:        AS36504
members:        AS36528
members:        AS36561
members:        AS36562
members:        AS36619
members:        AS36624
members:        AS36641
members:        AS36653
members:        AS36662
members:        AS36665
members:        AS36839
members:        AS36845
members:        AS39950
members:        AS40037
members:        AS40064
members:        AS40067
members:        AS40073
members:        AS40111
members:        AS40118
members:        AS40125
members:        AS40154
members:        AS40176
members:        AS40177
members:        AS40178
members:        AS40221
members:        AS40244
members:        AS40290
members:        AS40325
members:        AS40415
members:        AS40423
members:        AS40435
members:        AS40480
members:        AS8590
members:        AS-GBLXEU
tech-c:         DUMY-RIPE
admin-c:        DUMY-RIPE
notify:         [email protected]
mnt-by:         GBLX-RIPE-MNT
created:        2002-09-18T13:39:11Z
last-modified:  2015-08-19T12:54:04Z
source:         RIPE
remarks:        ****************************
remarks:        * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED
remarks:        * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal
remarks:        * data has been removed from this object.
remarks:        * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at:
remarks:        * http://www.ripe.net/whois
remarks:        ****************************