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as-set:     AS-GTLD
descr:      VeriSign Edge Services
members:    AS36630, AS36626, AS26415, AS26134, AS30060, AS29403, AS7342, AS16838, AS32409, AS29966, AS27544, AS32651, AS40647, AS20172, AS20362, AS20431, AS22547, AS40717, AS397208, AS397209, AS396540, AS396541, AS396542, AS396543, AS396544, AS396545, AS396546, AS396547, AS396548, AS396549, AS396550, AS396551, AS396552, AS396553, AS396554, AS396555, AS396556, AS396557, AS396558, AS396559, AS396560, AS396561, AS396562, AS10515, AS396563, AS396564, AS396565, AS396566, AS396567, AS396568, AS396569, AS396570, AS396571, AS396572, AS396573, AS396574, AS396575, AS396576, AS397193, AS397194, AS397195, AS397196, AS397197, AS397198, AS397200, AS397201, AS397202, AS397203, AS397204, AS397205, AS397206, AS397210, AS397211, AS397212, AS36616, AS36632, AS36617, AS36618, AS36619, AS36620, AS36621, AS36624, AS36625, AS36627, AS36628, AS36629, AS397199, AS36623, AS36622, AS396577, AS396580, AS396581, AS396582, AS396583, AS396584, AS396585, AS396586, AS396587, AS396588, AS396589, AS396590, AS396596, AS396828, AS396591, AS396592, AS396593, AS396594, AS396595, AS396597, AS397207, AS396827, AS396826, AS396579, AS396614, AS396612, AS396610, AS396613, AS396615, AS396539, AS396616, AS396599, AS211369, AS25485, AS396605, AS396604, AS396611, AS19836, AS396608, AS36631, AS396607, AS396617, AS21313, AS396602, AS396606, AS396600, AS396609, AS396603
members:    AS11840, AS396578
admin-c:    NETWO480-RADB
tech-c:     NETWO480-RADB
mnt-by:     MAINT-AS26415
changed:    ngarfield@verisign.com 20220112  #15:56:18Z
source:     RADB
as-set:         AS-GTLD
descr:          VeriSign Edge Services
members:        AS27544
members:        AS32651
members:        AS396566
members:        AS396567
members:        AS11840
members:        AS29966
members:        AS32409
members:        AS396548
members:        AS7342
members:        AS26134
members:        AS396580
members:        AS396581
members:        AS396582
members:        AS20431
members:        AS396596
members:        AS396568
members:        AS396569
members:        AS396570
members:        AS16838
members:        AS396563
members:        AS396564
members:        AS396565
members:        AS397212
members:        AS396578
members:        AS20172
members:        AS20362
members:        AS396540
members:        AS396541
members:        AS396542
members:        AS396587
members:        AS396588
members:        AS396589
members:        AS396590
members:        AS40647
members:        AS26415
members:        AS397196
members:        AS397197
members:        AS397198
members:        AS397209
members:        AS29403
members:        AS211369
members:        AS396599
members:        AS396600
members:        AS21313
members:        AS36625
members:        AS36626
members:        AS36627
members:        AS36628
members:        AS36629
members:        AS30060
members:        AS396605
members:        AS396606
members:        AS396607
members:        AS22547
members:        AS396543
members:        AS396544
members:        AS396545
members:        AS396551
members:        AS396552
members:        AS396553
members:        AS40717
members:        AS36616
members:        AS396591
members:        AS396592
members:        AS396593
members:        AS396594
members:        AS396595
members:        AS397193
members:        AS397194
members:        AS396549
members:        AS396550
members:        AS396554
members:        AS396555
members:        AS396577
members:        AS396583
members:        AS396584
members:        AS396585
members:        AS396586
members:        AS396597
members:        AS396613
members:        AS396614
members:        AS396615
members:        AS396616
members:        AS396617
members:        AS396557
members:        AS396558
members:        AS396559
members:        AS36617
members:        AS36618
members:        AS36619
members:        AS36620
members:        AS36621
members:        AS396828
members:        AS396571
members:        AS396572
members:        AS396573
members:        AS397205
members:        AS36632
members:        AS396546
members:        AS396547
members:        AS10515
members:        AS396539
members:        AS397200
members:        AS397201
members:        AS397202
members:        AS396574
members:        AS396575
members:        AS25485
members:        AS396602
members:        AS396603
members:        AS397204
members:        AS397206
members:        AS396576
members:        AS396604
members:        AS397207
members:        AS396826
members:        AS396827
members:        AS397210
members:        AS397211
members:        AS396556
members:        AS397199
members:        AS36623
members:        AS36622
members:        AS36631
members:        AS396608
members:        AS396609
members:        AS396610
members:        AS396611
members:        AS396612
members:        AS396579
members:        AS19836
members:        AS397195
members:        AS397203
members:        AS36630
members:        AS396560
members:        AS396561
members:        AS396562
members:        AS397208
members:        AS36624
mnt-by:         MNT-VGRS
changed:        netadmin@verisign.com 20220112
source:         ARIN
role:       Verisign Peering Ops
address:    12061 Bluemont Way
address:    Reston
address:    VA 20190
address:    United States
phone:      +1 703 948 4300
e-mail:     peeringops@verisign.com
admin-c:    NETWO480-RADB
tech-c:     NETWO480-RADB
nic-hdl:    NETWO480-RADB
remarks:    To obtain information on adding a Verisign
remarks:    root, .COM or .NET authoritative DNS server
remarks:    to your network please visit
remarks:    http://www.verisign.com/rirs
mnt-by:     MAINT-AS26415
changed:    ddosnetworkoperations@verisign.com 20190102  #18:02:40Z
source:     RADB