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as-set:         AS-INCAPSULA
descr:          INCAPSULA-AS-SET
tech-c:         DUMY-RIPE
members:        AS19551
admin-c:        DUMY-RIPE
members:        AS199391
members:        AS16880
members:        AS36607
members:        AS204006
members:        AS13274
members:        AS16167
members:        AS64862
members:        AS7926
members:        AS39584
members:        AS64780
members:        AS394524
members:        AS46503
members:        AS1399
members:        AS136462
members:        AS27999
members:        AS55878
members:        AS12740
members:        AS64255
members:        AS131599
members:        AS62571
members:        AS54661
members:        AS132720
members:        AS133017
members:        AS136492
members:        AS17206
members:        AS12211
members:        AS206627
members:        AS16886
members:        AS14495
members:        AS40627
members:        AS206625
members:        AS206646
members:        AS22246
members:        AS13836
members:        AS16711
members:        AS13893
members:        AS33953
members:        AS16115
members:        AS1397
members:        AS1399
members:        AS10202
members:        AS26324
members:        AS13893
members:        AS18903
members:        AS16711
members:        AS22989
members:        AS19069
members:        AS16565
members:        AS14799
members:        AS196962
members:        AS19069
members:        AS14495
members:        AS133858
members:        AS28597
members:        AS28517
members:        AS264734
members:        AS199373
members:        AS55110
members:        AS32091
members:        AS3762
members:        AS63459
members:        AS37001
members:        AS28789
members:        AS19691
members:        AS28953
members:        AS3561
members:        AS54768
members:        AS21893
members:        AS12200
members:        AS54167
members:        AS18018
members:        AS15504
members:        AS205382
members:        AS46562
members:        AS132899
members:        AS203538
members:        AS4768
members:        AS18190
members:        AS131586
members:        AS199206
members:        AS28064
members:        AS132046
members:        AS7867
members:        AS9435
members:        AS13916
members:        AS22843
members:        AS26211
members:        AS30627
members:        AS22955
members:        AS134672
members:        AS52129
members:        AS134449
members:        AS22612
members:        AS35910
members:        AS133158
members:        AS55303
members:        AS133617
members:        AS203316
members:        AS263477
members:        AS34810
members:        AS17686
members:        AS197297
members:        AS131586
mnt-by:         UH49793-MNT
mnt-by:         TB57005-MNT
mnt-by:         DorC
mnt-by:         DimaPal
mnt-by:         ArikL
mnt-by:         IssaD
mnt-by:         ChadG
mnt-by:         OlgaK
mnt-by:         JerusalemBicha
mnt-by:         DorCohen
mnt-by:         JonathanW
mnt-by:         WallaceL
mnt-by:         RoniB
mnt-by:         ortalh
mnt-by:         INCAP3-RIPE
created:        2014-08-18T07:30:40Z
last-modified:  2023-06-04T01:47:22Z
source:         RIPE
members:        AS10322
members:        AS4515
members:        AS64456
members:        AS46621
members:        AS1398
members:        AS1400
members:        AS1396
members:        AS1402
members:        AS23058
members:        AS22975
members:        AS135596
members:        AS12184
members:        AS393759
members:        AS131618
members:        AS46235
members:        AS20505
members:        AS395467
members:        AS13729
members:        AS138361
members:        AS57060
members:        AS46646
members:        AS13919
members:        AS18674
members:        AS10444
members:        AS25611
members:        AS54811
members:        AS38182
members:        AS9930
members:        AS56680
members:        AS201071
members:        AS65389
members:        AS25658
members:        AS24569
members:        AS200596
members:        AS49576
members:        AS209704
members:        AS36979
members:        AS19105
members:        AS263220
members:        AS134684
members:        AS11810
members:        AS2903
members:        AS194297
members:        AS65100
members:        AS24570
members:        AS397474
members:        AS137468
members:        AS29898
members:        AS65010
members:        AS9919
members:        AS10204
members:        AS18802
members:        AS30310
members:        AS135332
members:        AS16373
members:        AS20187
members:        AS394749
members:        AS133203
members:        AS30229
members:        AS57435
members:        AS13768
members:        AS134546
members:        AS6307
members:        AS20521
members:        AS45008
members:        AS45535
members:        AS134069
members:        AS12678
members:        AS53312
members:        AS32787
members:        AS65128
members:        AS11188
members:        AS18206
members:        AS23498
members:        AS21548
members:        AS62660
members:        AS62761
members:        AS58480
members:        AS18256
members:        AS137831
members:        AS58521
members:        AS138341
members:        AS393784
members:        AS11016
members:        AS64513
members:        AS20430
members:        AS135462
members:        AS19506
members:        AS19019
members:        AS141205
members:        AS19934
members:        AS21209
members:        AS139274
members:        AS57144
members:        AS54572
members:        AS64797
members:        AS140940
members:        AS7127
members:        AS131303
members:        AS135062
members:        AS1621
members:        AS22077
members:        AS19197
members:        AS32578
members:        AS62983
members:        AS394008
members:        AS18361
members:        AS61644
members:        AS13624
members:        AS63364
members:        AS142110
members:        AS133622
members:        AS16689
members:        AS207087
members:        AS22884
members:        AS17072
members:        AS137885
members:        AS17282
members:        AS142590
members:        AS29094
members:        AS209484
members:        AS131636
members:        AS48463
members:        AS131671
members:        AS134729
members:        AS43732
members:        AS30180
members:        AS18186
members:        AS394150
members:        AS64550
members:        AS11172
members:        AS7483
members:        AS12158
members:        AS141158
members:        AS208561
members:        AS209180
members:        AS212734
members:        AS56683
members:        AS137920
members:        AS65122
members:        AS61899
members:        AS396270
members:        AS22773
members:        AS65013
members:        AS133151
members:        AS210584
members:        AS199516
members:        AS398071
members:        AS398068
members:        AS133789
members:        AS27646
members:        AS137577
members:        AS64512
members:        AS142388
members:        AS30664
members:        AS64902
members:        AS18046
members:        AS25070
members:        AS57305
members:        AS149431
members:        AS55309
members:        AS52361
members:        AS131162
members:        AS140706
members:        AS393529
members:        AS29241
members:        AS400127
members:        AS398833
members:        AS49771
members:        AS150124
members:        AS135081
members:        AS133747
members:        AS55274
members:        AS149932
members:        AS29733
members:        AS64793
members:        AS396499
members:        AS262247
members:        AS147060
members:        AS148987
members:        AS148990
members:        AS398462
members:        AS33806
members:        AS205149
members:        AS399458
members:        AS263758
members:        AS100
members:        AS25875
members:        AS10975
members:        AS57002
members:        AS11857
members:        AS394729
members:        AS60819
members:        AS59832
members:        AS16973
members:        AS51439
members:        AS55706
members:        AS9658
members:        AS150534
members:        AS134346
members:        AS12988
members:        AS31816
members:        AS12888
members:        AS262446
members:        AS53244
members:        AS27715
members:        AS262518
members:        AS263590
members:        AS59116
members:        AS394565
members:        AS263199
members:        AS399314
members:        AS26746
members:        AS10753
members:        AS31621
members:        AS19259
members:        AS149352
members:        AS28950
members:        AS151059
members:        AS24455
members:        AS4889
members:        AS4888
members:        AS17140
members:        AS101
members:        AS203998
members:        AS47672
members:        AS25495
members:        AS50061
members:        AS34339
remarks:        ****************************
remarks:        * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED
remarks:        * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal
remarks:        * data has been removed from this object.
remarks:        * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at:
remarks:        * http://www.ripe.net/whois
remarks:        ****************************
as-set:         AS-INCAPSULA
descr:          3400 Bridge Parkway, Suite 200 Redwood Shores, CA 94065
members:        AS19551
remarks:        as-set for Incapsula-Imperva
tech-c:         NT367-AP
admin-c:        NT367-AP
notify:         [email protected]
mnt-by:         MAINT-INCAPSULA-AP
last-modified:  2018-08-21T20:58:02Z
source:         APNIC
as-set:         AS-INCAPSULA
descr:          3400 Bridge Parkway, Suite 200 Redwood Shores, CA 94065
members:        AS4515,AS17206,AS13768,AS12678,AS19506,AS135332,AS64550,AS43732,AS64797,AS262446,AS19197,AS206625,AS206627,AS199206,AS50262,AS133151,AS12200,AS13893,AS63459,AS4768,AS137885,AS2903,AS45008,AS131303,AS264734,AS25611,AS196962,AS135462,AS212734,AS19069,AS16115,AS7470,AS1,AS17686,AS29094,AS132046,AS133017,AS132720,AS13624,AS55064,AS7127,AS131636,AS63364,AS29898,AS64456,AS7926,AS54768,AS36979,AS141205,AS3561,AS7483,AS53312,AS1398,AS1397,AS1396,AS16689,AS1399,AS132738,AS18190,AS46235,AS395327,AS30627,AS28789,AS38181,AS38182,AS36607,AS9435,AS211054,AS57144,AS30180,AS394008,AS134729,AS23767,AS208561,AS13729,AS142590,AS61644,AS52129,AS142110,AS18186,AS136462,AS54661,AS55878,AS16565,AS13038,AS12740,AS10322,AS131586,AS10444,AS10202,AS64902,AS37001,AS19934,AS10204,AS13836,AS58480,AS395467,AS199516,AS14495,AS21209,AS398068,AS54572,AS3762,AS135596,AS131671,AS133858,AS65100,AS64255,AS22773,AS17072,AS28517,AS139274,AS203538,AS32578,AS13274,AS19019,AS18046,AS12184,AS62983,AS133622,AS209180,AS38539,AS395360,AS394150,AS263220,AS205382,AS61899,AS26211,AS22884,AS132899,AS23058,AS393985,AS48463,AS53244,AS140940,AS398071,AS55303,AS12158,AS7867,AS15667,AS28064,AS1402,AS53020,AS1400,AS21548,AS40627,AS65122,AS200596,AS57060,AS61568,AS26324,AS65128,AS27646,AS65010,AS16880,AS16886,AS59117,AS199391,AS133203,AS6307,AS62761,AS137920,AS18802,AS22989,AS13916,AS13919,AS21893,AS22077,AS27999,AS49576,AS393759,AS142388,AS17282,AS19105,AS9930,AS32787,AS18256,AS18018,AS135062,AS11188,AS14799,AS134069,AS137577,AS45535,AS46503,AS65389,AS22975,AS22612,AS131599,AS46621,AS20430,AS19691,AS18361,AS11172,AS194297,AS56680,AS55110,AS137468,AS62660,AS56683,AS18903,AS65013,AS32091,AS22843,AS207087,AS393784,AS133789,AS28953,AS395844,AS23498,AS209704,AS54818,AS394749,AS38580,AS30229,AS141158,AS399086,AS136492,AS54811,AS15504,AS16711,AS134684,AS137831,AS62571,AS397474,AS22955,AS46646,AS64512,AS394524,AS64513,AS134449,AS204006,AS19551,AS16167,AS138361,AS11377,AS58521,AS11016,AS209484,AS11810,AS24570,AS20521,AS64862,AS7270,AS24569,AS131618,AS25658,AS396270,AS33953,AS52410,AS134546,AS41415,AS1621,AS206646,AS64780,AS39584,AS57435,AS54167,AS138341,AS18206,AS30310,AS210584,AS20505,AS134672,AS28597,AS22246,AS9919,AS20187,AS46562,AS44386,AS201071,AS30664,AS16373,AS199373,AS12211,AS18674,AS263758,AS149431,AS57002,AS197297,AS34810,AS49771,AS25070,AS29241,AS205149,AS134346,AS50061,AS19259,AS149352,AS9658,AS28950,AS24455,AS59832,AS4888,AS4889,AS25875,AS25495,AS47672,AS203998,AS34339
admin-c:        RIR7-ARIN
tech-c:         ARIGO-ARIN
tech-c:         BLACK1033-ARIN
tech-c:         CASEI7-ARIN
tech-c:         CLNSC-ARIN
tech-c:         GILKI1-ARIN
tech-c:         IMPER9-ARIN
tech-c:         KLINK18-ARIN
tech-c:         LIROZ-ARIN
tech-c:         LOHBE-ARIN
tech-c:         RIR7-ARIN
tech-c:         TEWKS25-ARIN
tech-c:         WOODE23-ARIN
mnt-by:         MNT-INCAP-5
created:        2022-11-13T10:16:17Z
last-modified:  2023-06-02T19:56:18Z
source:         ARIN
person:     Francis Arigo
address:    1 Curiosity Way
            San Mateo, CA US 94403
phone:      +1-650-345-9000
e-mail:     [email protected]
nic-hdl:    ARIGO-ARIN
notify:     [email protected]
changed:    [email protected] 20230106  #18:45:29Z
source:     RADB
person:     Knack Black
address:    1 Curiosity Way
            San Mateo, CA US 94403
phone:      +1-650-345-9000
e-mail:     [email protected]
nic-hdl:    BLACK1033-ARIN
notify:     [email protected]
changed:    [email protected] 20230106  #18:42:23Z
source:     RADB
person:     Nelson Caseiro
address:    1 Curiosity Way
            San Mateo, CA US 94403
phone:      +1-650-345-9000
e-mail:     [email protected]
nic-hdl:    CASEI7-ARIN
notify:     [email protected]
changed:    [email protected] 20230106  #18:34:27Z
source:     RADB
person:     Yanay Liroz
address:    1 Curiosity Way
            San Mateo, CA US 94403
phone:      +1-650-345-9000
e-mail:     [email protected]
nic-hdl:    LIROZ-ARIN
notify:     [email protected]
changed:    [email protected] 20230106  #18:34:03Z
source:     RADB
person:     Lee Wooderson
address:    1 Curiosity Way
            San Mateo, CA US 94403
phone:      +1-650-345-9000
e-mail:     [email protected]
nic-hdl:    WOODE23-ARIN
notify:     [email protected]
changed:    [email protected] 20220824  #16:46:57Z
source:     RADB