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as-set:     AS-LEARN-INST
descr:      LEARN AS13359 caching and peering downstream customers
members:    AS589
members:    AS1832
members:    AS1970
members:    AS3477
members:    AS3634
members:    AS6362
members:    AS10421
members:    AS11353
members:    AS11773
members:    AS11956
members:    AS13359
members:    AS13392
members:    AS14354
members:    AS14382
members:    AS18515
members:    AS18560
members:    AS18777
members:    AS18791
members:    AS19321
members:    AS19342
members:    AS20160
members:    AS20162
members:    AS21846
members:    AS22068
members:    AS22645
members:    AS22977
members:    AS23210
members:    AS25709
members:    AS26633
members:    AS26675
members:    AS26779
members:    AS26954
members:    AS30350
members:    AS30674
members:    AS30687
members:    AS31791
members:    AS33187
members:    AS36037
members:    AS36658
members:    AS36695
members:    AS40661
members:    AS46258
members:    AS46476
members:    AS46515
members:    AS46725
members:    AS47064
members:    AS53809
members:    AS54084
members:    AS54195
members:    AS54700
members:    AS62912
members:    AS393273
members:    AS393605
members:    AS394001
members:    AS394324
members:    AS395770
members:    AS18
members:    AS1970
members:    AS3354
members:    AS3794
members:    AS5707
members:    AS6922
members:    AS10812
members:    AS11773
members:    AS13998
members:    AS14104
members:    AS14314
members:    AS14373
members:    AS16461
members:    AS16600
members:    AS19856
members:    AS20162
members:    AS22163
members:    AS22782
members:    AS22864
members:    AS22945
members:    AS26971
members:    AS27594
members:    AS32093
members:    AS36450
members:    AS53368
members:    AS54933
members:    AS54596
members:    AS393759
members:    AS25963
members:    AS397886
members:    AS-LONI-members
members:    AS-LEARN-SUN
members:    AS397289
members:    AS398845
members:    AS16597
mnt-by:     MAINT-AS16905
changed:    david.nichols@tx-learn.net 20201105  #22:52:41Z
source:     RADB