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as-set:         AS-MESHNET
descr:          Meshnet customers AS'es announce
members:        AS12773
members:        AS31069
members:        AS44710
members:        AS49757
members:        AS57005
members:        AS59489
members:        AS61344
members:        AS197571
members:        AS197643
members:        AS-ARTKOMM
members:        AS-DEC
members:        AS-DIDAN
members:        AS-DN-VNET
members:        AS-DOMINION
members:        AS-EASTNET
members:        AS-ISP-EXSTREAM
members:        AS-ISP-NEWLINE
members:        AS-MEGA-NET-RU
members:        AS-ONLINE-DN
members:        AS-PROMTELECOM
remarks:        AS-SET-GO
members:        AS-SONIKO
members:        AS-VID-MEDIA-WORLD
org:            ORG-TSL26-RIPE
admin-c:        DUMY-RIPE
tech-c:         DUMY-RIPE
mnt-by:         meshnet-mnt
mnt-lower:      meshnet-mnt
created:        2017-07-03T16:42:11Z
last-modified:  2024-03-04T16:36:27Z
source:         RIPE
remarks:        ****************************
remarks:        * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED
remarks:        * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal
remarks:        * data has been removed from this object.
remarks:        * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at:
remarks:        * http://www.ripe.net/whois
remarks:        ****************************
as-set:         AS-MESHNET
descr:          Mesh.Net Internet
                Fort Worth, Texas
members:        AS13823
tech-c:         RS1622-ARIN
admin-c:        LST46-ARIN
notify:         [email protected]
mnt-by:         MNT-MESH
changed:        [email protected] 20161213
source:         ARIN