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as-set:     AS-PHONOSCOPE
descr:      Phonoscope downstream AS's
members:    AS22442, AS11124, AS25618, AS54363, AS54772, AS22239
members:    AS53406, AS55507, AS19927, AS32779, AS32626, AS23060
members:    AS22788, AS36038, AS14889, AS14508, AS32457, AS63153
members:    AS55291, AS22403, AS30049, AS27297, AS63325
members:    AS32457, AS46094, AS46539, AS29829, AS30093, AS63153
members:    AS393414, AS393535, AS394936, AS395708, AS394437
members:    AS395476, AS395439, AS54772, AS22413, AS394309, AS19682
members:    AS400782
admin-c:    MB1021-ARIN
tech-c:     MB1021-ARIN
tech-c:     ROSSD34-ARIN
remarks:    Sync with NTT-RR
notify:     peering@phonoscope.com
mnt-by:     MAINT-AS22442
changed:    dross@phonoscope.com 20221013  #19:11:43Z
source:     RADB
person:     Darren Ross
address:    6105 Westline Dr
            Houston, TX 77036
phone:      2813867248
e-mail:     dross@phonoscope.com
nic-hdl:    ROSSD34-ARIN
notify:     mborchers@phonoscope.com
mnt-by:     MAINT-AS22442
changed:    mborchers@phonoscope.com 20170425  #12:12:59Z
source:     RADB