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as-set:     AS-SLF-13760-ORGPEERS
descr:      All of Uniti Fiber's customer and lateral peering. Includes legacy organizations that make up Uniti Fiber - which are Southern Light AS13760, HuntTel AS32592, and Inline AS18886.  Please use this AS-SET for all non-DIA Peering.
members:    AS-SLF-13760-DOWNSTREAM, AS10349, AS25968, AS36730, AS23294, AS16923, AS27294, AS46523, AS10984, AS33701, AS21952, AS26869, AS31783, AS10700, AS5109
mnt-by:     MAINT-AS13760
changed:    graham.wooden@uniti.com 20180611  #13:21:46Z
source:     RADB