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descr:      Provide Transit To These AS'es
members:    AS9329, AS38229, AS17904, AS38573, AS7642, AS45356, AS45517, AS21357, AS24222, AS56288, AS31677, AS5087, AS38039, AS132124, AS132447, AS133051, AS17470, AS132045, AS24392, AS24555, AS18001, AS13335, AS45224, AS131218, AS26415, AS136934, AS133742, AS55944, AS136234, AS24016
members:    AS139731
admin-c:    Asela Galappattige
tech-c:     R.P.D.C Kaushalya
notify:     nwadmin@slt.com.lk
mnt-by:     MAINT-AS9329
changed:    nwadmin@slt.com.lk 20191127  #08:49:23Z
source:     RADB
person:     Asela Galappattige
address:    Sri Lanka Telecom PLC
            Lotus Road
            Colombo 1
            Sri Lanka
phone:      +94 11 2395372
fax-no:     +94 11 2434020
e-mail:     aselag@slt.com.lk
nic-hdl:    SLTNET-LK
notify:     aselag@slt.com.lk
mnt-by:     MAINT-AS9329
changed:    aselag@slt.com.lk 20090227  #12:54:55Z
source:     RADB