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as-set:     AS-TELUS
descr:      TELUS and customer AS numbers
members:    AS11700
members:    AS32521
members:    AS23229
members:    AS14817
members:    AS-INCENTRE
members:    AS14908
members:    AS14190
members:    AS17371
members:    AS18701
members:    AS26221
members:    AS-SET-AS25999
members:    AS11468
members:    AS7861
members:    AS14663
members:    AS13911
members:    AS-SET-AS18988
members:    AS23217
members:    AS19968
members:    AS15160
members:    AS16624
members:    AS19171
members:    AS2579
members:    AS14007
members:    AS19869
members:    AS30431
members:    AS11489
members:    AS852
members:    AS30295
members:    AS15247
members:    AS808
members:    AS27327
members:    AS25745
members:    AS23448
members:    AS3633
members:    AS29703
members:    AS53403
members:    AS-BEANFIELD
members:    AS27256
members:    AS-AKN
members:    AS-3MEN
members:    AS-Q9Customers
members:    AS14820
members:    AS14873
members:    AS15102
members:    AS1633
members:    AS16580
members:    AS16598
members:    AS18214
members:    AS19402
members:    AS19848
members:    AS19935
members:    AS21724
members:    AS22339
members:    AS23046
members:    AS-SET-AS16583
members:    AS26023
members:    AS26986
members:    AS2735
members:    AS27391
members:    AS27470
members:    AS30295
members:    AS-WOLFPAW
members:    AS31870
members:    AS32659
members:    AS33549
members:    AS36000
members:    AS40438
members:    AS40808
members:    AS40934
members:    AS46772
members:    AS47103
members:    AS48768
members:    AS53625
members:    AS53714
members:    AS20045
members:    AS22684
members:    AS-IAI
members:    AS-SET-AS30295
members:    AS-SET-AS3766
members:    AS53987
members:    AS40820
members:    AS14007:AS-CUSTOMERS
members:    AS16623
members:    AS14158
members:    AS54442
members:    AS54233
members:    AS54368
members:    AS393242
members:    AS18587
members:    AS54719
members:    AS19443
members:    AS23419
members:    AS54760
members:    AS25872
members:    AS54867
members:    AS19286
members:    AS22491
members:    AS55222
members:    AS17181
members:    AS62525
members:    AS19220
members:    AS26672
members:    AS46630
members:    AS-ABC-COMM
members:    AS5788
members:    AS63035
members:    AS18757
members:    AS11510
members:    AS62958
members:    AS5110
members:    AS16696
members:    AS32870
members:    AS36235
members:    AS15101
members:    AS19652
members:    AS36817
members:    AS55003
members:    AS5645:AS-CUSTOMERS
members:    AS395075
members:    AS393686
members:    AS393712
members:    AS22457
members:    AS-NRBN
members:    AS25689
members:    AS395272
members:    AS395399
members:    AS395338
members:    AS395262
members:    AS11435
members:    AS54759
members:    AS54461
members:    AS55157
members:    AS54655
members:    AS18875
members:    AS395660
members:    AS395761
members:    AS46915
members:    AS14735
members:    AS-AXIACONNECT
members:    AS11507
members:    AS40202
members:    AS396475
members:    AS395817
members:    AS32536
members:    AS19351
members:    AS16839
members:    AS23299
members:    AS11179
members:    AS2682:AS-CUSTOMERS
members:    AS54842
members:    AS63236
members:    AS396289
members:    AS46300
members:    AS56554
members:    AS22996
members:    AS48582
members:    AS40727
members:    AS19230
members:    AS5743
members:    AS393891
members:    AS395200
members:    AS62726
members:    AS36008
members:    AS54953
members:    AS394347
members:    AS53583
members:    AS33619
members:    AS397147
members:    AS55094
members:    AS397070
members:    AS32753
members:    AS19166
members:    AS397130
members:    AS397188
members:    AS30348
members:    AS-CYGNAL
members:    AS397304
members:    AS40934
members:    AS-BELAIR
members:    AS22784
members:    AS397641
members:    AS11257
members:    AS397421
members:    AS63003
members:    AS26037
members:    AS394977
members:    AS396110
members:    AS397962
members:    AS397892
members:    AS393810
members:    AS397771
members:    AS7311
members:    AS14875
members:    AS394410
members:    AS54877
members:    AS396434
members:    AS46686
members:    AS36205
members:    AS15052
members:    AS15128
members:    AS398087
members:    AS21723
members:    AS397829
members:    AS21949
members:    AS40341
members:    AS398709
members:    AS398425
members:    AS398812
members:    AS19835
members:    AS19276
members:    AS18986
members:    AS30014
members:    AS397375
members:    AS7040
members:    AS399016
members:    AS395543
members:    AS22113
members:    AS398305
members:    AS-DEVRY
members:    AS27272
members:    AS23181
members:    AS398805
members:    AS19662
members:    AS31931
members:    AS396129
members:    AS30715
members:    AS32121
members:    AS54036
members:    AS271
members:    AS4476
members:    AS11105
members:    AS13764
members:    AS16462
members:    AS36391
members:    AS40598
members:    AS62692
members:    AS393249
members:    AS394971
members:    AS395064
members:    AS395807
members:    AS395991
members:    AS397375
members:    AS393457
members:    AS394367
members:    AS806
members:    AS63004
members:    AS14731
members:    AS398983
members:    AS26753
members:    AS64910
members:    AS2680
members:    AS363966
members:    AS397543
members:    AS397540
members:    AS64912
members:    AS18997
members:    AS23498
members:    AS396125
members:    AS36534
members:    AS393966
members:    AS399279
members:    AS396374
members:    AS26198
members:    AS399688
members:    AS46920
members:    AS13911
tech-c:     XDDBBCCEPO
remarks:    Abuse / UCE reports abuse@telus.com
remarks:    For BGP contact peering@telus.com
notify:     backbone@telus.com
mnt-by:     MAINT-AS852
changed:    david.bovas@telus.com 20210824  #04:08:15Z
source:     RADB
as-set:         AS-TELUS
members:        AS205501
descr:          TELUS - AS205501
tech-c:         DUMY-RIPE
admin-c:        DUMY-RIPE
mnt-by:         TELUS
created:        2017-09-04T10:33:18Z
last-modified:  2017-09-04T10:36:57Z
source:         RIPE
remarks:        ****************************
remarks:        * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED
remarks:        * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal
remarks:        * data has been removed from this object.
remarks:        * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at:
remarks:        * http://www.ripe.net/whois
remarks:        ****************************