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as-set:     AS13768:AS-CUSTOMERS
descr:      Peer1 Network - Own and downstream customers
members:    AS271
members:    AS803
members:    AS806
members:    AS812
members:    AS2933
members:    AS3584
members:    AS3633
members:    AS3720
members:    AS4134
members:    AS4470
members:    AS4877
members:    AS5645
members:    AS5697
members:    AS5716
members:    AS5764
members:    AS5769
members:    AS6100
members:    AS6102
members:    AS6461
members:    AS7403
members:    AS7456
members:    AS7992
members:    AS8075
members:    AS10358
members:    AS10400
members:    AS10674
members:    AS10808
members:    AS10923
members:    AS10929
members:    AS10996
members:    AS11182
members:    AS11290
members:    AS11305
members:    AS11388
members:    AS11478
members:    AS11608
members:    AS11625
members:    AS11626
members:    AS11772
members:    AS11824
members:    AS11915
members:    AS12077
members:    AS12956
members:    AS13532
members:    AS13601
members:    AS13645
members:    AS13768
members:    AS13773
members:    AS13846
members:    AS13947
members:    AS14007
members:    AS14066
members:    AS14102
members:    AS14366
members:    AS14387
members:    AS14651
members:    AS15024
members:    AS15149
members:    AS15290
members:    AS15320
members:    AS15436
members:    AS16406
members:    AS16532
members:    AS16523
members:    AS16552
members:    AS16941
members:    AS18432
members:    AS18530
members:    AS18650
members:    AS19190
members:    AS19397
members:    AS19842
members:    AS21548
members:    AS21570
members:    AS21719
members:    AS21433
members:    AS22059
members:    AS22321
members:    AS22543
members:    AS22634
members:    AS23136
members:    AS23260
members:    AS23320
members:    AS23498
members:    AS25722
members:    AS25827
members:    AS25976
members:    AS26198
members:    AS26293
members:    AS26837
members:    AS26856
members:    AS27634
members:    AS30099
members:    AS30158
members:    AS30176
members:    AS30528
members:    AS30539
members:    AS31849
members:    AS31898
members:    AS32421
members:    AS33211
members:    AS33236
members:    AS33332
members:    AS33361
members:    AS33441
members:    AS33522
members:    AS33597
members:    AS33682
members:    AS33735
members:    AS35285
members:    AS36042
members:    AS36214
members:    AS36388
members:    AS36542
members:    AS36561
members:    AS36707
members:    AS39200
members:    AS40176
members:    AS40957
members:    AS41135
members:    AS41458
members:    AS46609
members:    AS46747
members:    AS46808
members:    AS32710
members:    AS5071
members:    AS23419
members:    AS40224
members:    AS35947
members:    AS36483
members:    AS46482
members:    AS15128
members:    AS33174
members:    AS53258
members:    AS51485
members:    AS36493
members:    AS36757
members:    AS12068
members:    AS1418
members:    AS15197
members:    AS53525
members:    AS40596
members:    AS20375
members:    AS29909
members:    AS32209
members:    AS25774
members:    AS16532:AS-CUSTOMERS
members:    AS-IWEB
members:    AS803:AS-CUSTOMERS
members:    AS-CDSI
members:    AS54023
members:    AS36518
members:    AS54527
members:    AS54527:AS-GLOBAL
members:    AS8912
members:    AS27232
members:    AS9090
members:    AS36167
members:    AS18877
members:    AS5519
members:    AS39962
members:    AS55195
members:    AS54980
members:    AS19928
members:    AS2568
members:    AS11807
members:    AS54910
members:    AS54044
members:    AS30236
members:    AS60890
members:    AS201303
members:    AS11077
members:    AS53845
members:    AS53612
members:    AS21775
members:    AS46525
members:    AS16696
members:    AS18721
members:    AS32134
members:    AS-HOSTOPIA
members:    AS-FLOWFINITY
members:    AS42473
members:    AS54745
members:    AS6364
members:    AS63396
members:    AS65123
members:    AS20161
members:    AS6948
members:    AS13789
members:    AS196962
members:    AS11831
members:    AS55199
members:    AS61440
members:    AS31931
members:    AS54818
members:    AS13625
members:    AS394354
members:    AS16570
members:    AS11381
members:    AS63990
members:    AS135282
members:    AS54643
members:    AS394256
members:    AS26441
members:    AS23498
members:    AS21548
members:    AS53405
members:    AS20218
members:    AS25820
members:    AS204055
members:    AS199330
members:    AS201304
members:    AS203961
members:    AS395517
members:    AS30068
members:    AS46915
members:    AS393676
members:    AS53479
members:    AS393653
members:    AS20940
members:    AS63052
members:    AS16866
members:    AS22169
members:    AS54652
members:    AS61149
members:    AS-ZENEDGE
members:    AS44569
members:    AS204742
members:    AS23342
members:    AS6561
members:    AS6640
members:    AS19202
members:    AS22964
members:    AS55185
members:    AS55220
members:    AS54164
members:    AS29219
members:    AS30103
members:    AS22923
members:    AS25369
members:    AS15094
members:    AS40029
members:    AS397562
members:    AS12212
members:    AS13851
members:    AS40864
members:    AS19202
members:    AS7040
members:    AS54926
members:    AS398362
members:    AS15067
members:    AS15162
members:    AS46320
members:    AS51167
admin-c:    Peter Saito
tech-c:     PEER1-NOC
mnt-by:     MAINT-AS13768
changed:    nsc.global@aptum.com 20220503  #12:45:41Z
source:     RADB
role:       Peer1 NOC
address:    555 West Hastings St, Suite 1000
address:    Vancouver, BC V6B 4N5
address:    Canada
phone:      +1.604.683.7747
fax-no:     +1.604.683.4634
e-mail:     support@peer1.com
admin-c:    Jag Bains
tech-c:     PEER1-NOC
nic-hdl:    PEER1-NOC
mnt-by:     MAINT-AS13768
notify:     support@peer1.com
changed:    rerickson@peer1.com 20091101
source:     RADB