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aut-num:    AS53889
as-name:    MICFO
descr:      Micfo, LLC.
import:     from AS3356   accept ANY
import:     from AS394056   accept <^AS394056+$>
export:     to AS3356   announce AS53889 AS394056 AS63008 AS22676 AS20360 AS30279 AS54334 AS63262 AS11029 AS394021 AS394143
admin-c:    Russell Rademacher
tech-c:     Richard Evans
mnt-by:     MAINT-AS53889
changed:    richard.evans@micfo.com 20170508  #19:27:46Z
source:     RADB
person:        Russell Rademacher
address:       154 Grand Street
address:       New York, NY 10013
phone:         +1-800-900-7744
e-mail:        elik@micfo.com
nic-hdl:       RUR2-LEVEL3
changed:       joe.avilez@level3.com 20110907
source:        LEVEL3