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descr:      Proxy-registered route object
remarks:    ---------------------------------
remarks:    For SECURITY issues, please send messages to
remarks:    origin AS administrator
remarks:    (e.g. whois -h whois.registro.br AS267553)
remarks:    ---------------------------------
remarks:    This route is from a Oi customer which
remarks:    is being exported under origin AS below.
remarks:    It was created by us because no other
remarks:    route object with the same origin was found.
remarks:    ---------------------------------
remarks:    Please contact BGPOI-RADB if you have any
remarks:    questions regarding this object.
remarks:    ---------------------------------
origin:     AS267553
notify:     ip-bgp@oi.net.br
mnt-by:     MAINT-AS8167
changed:    ip-bgp@oi.net.br 20171113
source:     RADB