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aut-num:        AS25467
org:            ORG-AdN1-RIPE
as-name:        AKTON-AS
descr:          Akton Autonomous System
remarks:        # Upstreams Slovenia:
remarks:        # AS5603 Siol
remarks:        # AS3212 Telemach
import:         from AS5603 action pref=100; accept ANY
import:         from AS3212 action pref=100; accept ANY
export:         to AS5603 announce AS-AKTON
export:         to AS3212 announce AS-AKTON
remarks:        # Upstreams BiH:
remarks:        # AS42560 Telemach BIH
import:         from AS42560 action pref=100; accept ANY
export:         to AS42560 announce AS-AKTON
remarks:        # Upstreams Serbia:
remarks:        # AS174 Cogent
remarks:        # AS8400 Telekom Srbije
import:         from AS8400 action pref=100; accept ANY
export:         to AS8400 announce AS25467
import:         from AS174 action pref=100; accept ANY
export:         to AS174 announce AS25467
remarks:        # Upstreams Macedonia:
remarks:        # AS 34772 Neotel
remarks:        # AS 174 Cogent
remarks:        # AS 6821 Maktel
remarks:        # AS 15669 BIX
remarks:        # AS 5603 Telekom Slovenije
import:         from AS34772 action pref=100; accept ANY
import:         from AS174 accept ANY
import:         from AS6821 accept ANY
import:         from AS15669 accept ANY
import:         from AS5603 accept ANY
export:         to AS34772 announce AS25467
export:         to AS174 announce AS25467
export:         to AS6821 announce AS25467
export:         to AS15669 announce AS25467
export:         to AS5603 announce AS25467
remarks:        # Upstreams Croatia
remarks:        # AS 13046 Iskon
remarks:        # AS 34594 Telemach Hrvatska
import:         from AS13046 action pref=100; accept ANY
export:         to AS13046 announce AS25467
import:         from AS34594 action pref=100; accept ANY
export:         to AS34594 announce AS25467
remarks:        # Peering VIX - IP:
remarks:        # AS1120 Aconet
remarks:        # AS1853 Aconet
remarks:        # AS8591 Amis
remarks:        # AS39912 i3B
remarks:        # AS34594 Optima Telekom
remarks:        # AS12605 Liwest
remarks:        # AS21385 Trusted Networks
remarks:        # AS16276 OVH-SAS
remarks:        # AS35369 Lagis
import:         from AS1120 action pref=100; accept AS1120
import:         from AS1853 action pref=100; accept AS1853
import:         from AS8591 action pref=100; accept AS8591
import:         from AS39912 action pref=100; accept AS39912
import:         from AS34594 action pref=100; accept AS34594
import:         from AS12605 action pref=100; accept AS12605
import:         from AS21385 action pref=100; accept AS21385
import:         from AS16276 action pref=100; accept AS16276
import:         from AS35369 action pref=100; accept AS35369
export:         to AS1120 announce AS-AKTON
export:         to AS1853 announce AS-AKTON
export:         to AS8591 announce AS-AKTON
export:         to AS39912 announce AS-AKTON
export:         to AS34594 announce AS-AKTON
export:         to AS12605 announce AS-AKTON
export:         to AS21385 announce AS-AKTON
export:         to AS16276 announce AS-AKTON
export:         to AS35369 announce AS-AKTON
remarks:        # Peering CIX - IP:
remarks:        # AS13335 CLOUDFLARE
remarks:        # AS206575 DATABOX
remarks:        # AS6939 HURRICANE
remarks:        # AS5391 HT
remarks:        # AS8075 MICROSOFT
remarks:        # AS42 PCH-42
remarks:        # AS3856 PCH-3856
import:         from AS13335 action pref=100; accept AS13335
import:         from AS206575 action pref=100; accept AS206575
import:         from AS6939 action pref=100; accept AS6939
import:         from AS5391 action pref=100; accept AS5391
import:         from AS8075 action pref=100; accept AS8075
import:         from AS42 action pref=100; accept AS42
import:         from AS3856 action pref=100; accept AS3856
export:         to AS13335 announce AS-AKTON
export:         to AS206575 announce AS-AKTON
export:         to AS6939 announce AS-AKTON
export:         to AS5391 announce AS-AKTON
export:         to AS8075 announce AS-AKTON
export:         to AS42 announce AS-AKTON
export:         to AS3856 announce AS-AKTON
remarks:        # Customers:
remarks:        # AS43947 RAIFFEISEN BA
remarks:        # AS50249 SBERBANK BA
remarks:        # AS202756 RFE-RL
remarks:        # AS62301 IPMONT ME
remarks:        # AS 205623 Sistina MK
remarks:        # AS 205119 Interspace
remarks:        # AS 205347 Seavus MK
remarks:        # AS 206666 - Multimedia-net MK
remarks:        # AS 49056 - INEL - MK
remarks:        # AS212645 - GLOBALSAT-AS-MK
remarks:        # AS209434 - Ericsson HR
remarks:        # AS211133 King ICT HR
remarks:        # AS211139 NETCOMS-ALEKSA RS
remarks:        # AS34362 TERRAKOM HR
remarks:        # AS43452 TELENET MK
remarks:        # AS208730 AS_INELTEHNIK MK
remarks:        # AS49914 Multimedia-AS MK
import:         from AS43947 action pref=100; accept AS43947
import:         from AS50249 action pref=100; accept AS50249
import:         from AS202756 action pref=100; accept AS202756
import:         from AS62301 action pref=100; accept AS62301
import:         from AS205623 accept AS205623
import:         from AS205119 accept AS205119
import:         from AS205347 accept AS205347
import:         from AS206666 accept AS206666
import:         from AS49056 accept AS49056
import:         from AS212645 accept AS212645
import:         from AS209434 accept AS209434
import:         from AS211133 accept AS211133
import:         from AS211139 accept AS211139
import:         from AS34362 accept AS34362
import:         from AS43452 accept AS43452
import:         from AS208730 accept AS208730
import:         from AS49914 accept AS49914
export:         to AS205623 announce ANY
export:         to AS50249 announce ANY
export:         to AS202756 announce ANY
export:         to AS43947 announce ANY
export:         to AS62301 announce ANY
export:         to AS205119 announce ANY
export:         to AS205347 announce ANY
export:         to AS206666 announce ANY
export:         to AS49056 announce ANY
export:         to AS212645 announce ANY
export:         to AS209434 announce ANY
export:         to AS211133 announce ANY
export:         to AS211139 announce ANY
export:         to AS34362 announce ANY
export:         to AS43452 announce ANY
export:         to AS208730 announce ANY
export:         to AS49914 announce ANY
remarks:        # IPv6 Peering - Test Setup:
remarks:        # AS6939 Huricane Electric
import:         from AS6939 action pref=100; accept ANY
import:         from AS43612 action pref=100; accept ANY
export:         to AS43612 announce AS25467
export:         to AS6939 announce AS25467
admin-c:        DUMY-RIPE
tech-c:         DUMY-RIPE
status:         ASSIGNED
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-END-MNT
mnt-by:         AKTON-MNT
created:        2002-12-03T09:38:46Z
last-modified:  2023-07-05T08:32:39Z
source:         RIPE
remarks:        ****************************
remarks:        * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED
remarks:        * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal
remarks:        * data has been removed from this object.
remarks:        * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at:
remarks:        * http://www.ripe.net/whois
remarks:        ****************************