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aut-num:        AS264409
as-name:        HUGENET
descr:          Huge Networks
member-of:      AS-HUGENET
member-of:      AS-PTTMetro-SP
member-of:      AS-PTTMetro-ATM4-SP
member-of:      AS-PTTMetro_ATM6-SP
member-of:      AS-HUGENET-CUSTOMERS
import:         from AS3356  action pref = 100; accept ANY;
import:         from AS1299  action pref = 100; accept ANY;
import:         from AS174  action pref = 200; accept ANY;
import:         from AS3257  action pref = 200; accept ANY;
import:         from AS12956  action pref = 100; accept ANY;
export:         to AS3356   announce AS-HUGENET-CUSTOMERS
export:         to AS1299   announce AS-HUGENET-CUSTOMERS
export:         to AS174   announce AS-HUGENET-CUSTOMERS
export:         to AS6762   announce AS-HUGENET-CUSTOMERS
export:         to AS3257   announce AS-HUGENET-CUSTOMERS
export:         to AS12956   announce AS-HUGENET-CUSTOMERS
admin-c:        Eduardo Farinelli
tech-c:         Erick Nascimento
remarks:        +----- General information -----+
                Please see for further information regarding AS264409:
                Website: http://www.huge-networks.com/
                Network Map: http://www.huge-networks.com/network-map/
                PeeringDB: http://as264409.peeringdb.com
                Looking Glass: http://lg.huge-networks.com/
                +           ----- Huge Networks Contact information -----+
                Peering: [email protected]
                NOC: [email protected]
                Sales: [email protected]
                Abuse: [email protected]
mnt-by:         MAINT-AS264409
changed:        [email protected] 20230811  #23:08:02Z
source:         RADB
last-modified:  2023-11-13T16:18:12Z
aut-num:        AS264409
as-name:        UNSPECIFIED
descr:          Huge Networks
admin-c:        AFV24-NICBR
tech-c:         AFV24-NICBR
mnt-by:         MAINT-AS264409
notify:         [email protected]
changed:        [email protected] 20151213  #20:27:50(BRST)
source:         TC