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aut-num:    AS293
as-name:    ESNET
descr:      Energy Sciences Network
export:     to AS-ANY   announce AS-ESNET
admin-c:    ESnet Network Engineering Group
tech-c:     ESnet Network Engineering Group
notify:     hostmaster@es.net
mnt-by:     MAINT-ESNET
changed:    dwcarder@es.net 20200618  #15:20:28Z
source:     RADB
role:       ESnet Network Engineering Group
trouble:    hostmaster@es.net
address:    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - Energy Sciences Network
            One Cyclotron Road
            MS 59R3101
phone:      +1-510-486-7607
e-mail:     hostmaster@es.net
admin-c:    Dale W Carder
tech-c:     Dale W Carder
nic-hdl:    CARDE86-ARIN
notify:     hostmaster@es.net
mnt-by:     MAINT-ESNET
changed:    hostmaster@es.net 20170109  #16:23:10Z
source:     RADB