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aut-num:    AS30132
as-name:    ISC-AMS1
descr:      Internet Systems Consortium, Inc.
admin-c:    Dan Mahoney
tech-c:     Dan Mahoney
mnt-by:     MAINT-AS1280
remarks:    This ASN is used by ISC for management of the F-Root
remarks:    nameserver and other projects located at AMS1.
remarks:    Use AS30132:AS-SET if you filter based on AS-SETs.
remarks:    If you wish to peer with ISC, please see our information at
remarks:    http://www.isc.org/community/peering/
remarks:    Please see http://f.root-servers.org/ for more information.
remarks:    The server is operated by ISC, http://www.isc.org/.
remarks:    Trouble reports should be sent to noc@isc.org which opens a
remarks:    ticket.  Emergency via telephone, +1 650 423 1310.
remarks:    Abuse reports to abuse@isc.org.
changed:    dmahoney@isc.org 20191010  #07:01:08Z
source:     RADB