Terms of Service

  1. Who We Are: Merit Network, Inc., a Michigan nonprofit corporation with offices at 880 Technology Dr., Suite B, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108-8963 ("Merit" or "we").

  2. What We Do: We operate "RADb," a public registry of network routing information that assists with the transfer of data over the Internet (the "Registry"). Thousands of organizations that operate networks have registered their routing policies in Merit RADb to facilitate the operation of the Internet. The information in the Registry enables organizations to troubleshoot routing problems, automatically configure backbone routers, generate access lists, and perform network planning. Merit publishes for its users the software it uses in connection with the Registry, along with track changes showing revisions to the code. Merit publishes the Internet standards to which the Registry will conform and shall provide supporting documentation.

  3. You: Any organization with an autonomous system number may register in the Registry ("Registrant" or "you"). You will be allowed to add, delete, and update information in Merit's database relating to the Services described below. You understand that Merit processes and makes available to others the data provided by users of the Registry. Merit does not test or independently validate data provided to it. You agree to use your best efforts to upload data to the Registry that is accurate and complete.

  4. Services: Merit will provide access to the online Internet Routing Registry database, software tools to help you manage your maintainer and routing objects in the Registry, email support ([email protected]) 24/7. More information about Services here https://www.radb.net/subscription. Please notify Merit if you believe any data made available in the Registry is inaccurate.

  5. Fees: Registration fees for Service are here https://www.radb.net/subscription. Fees are nonrefundable except as set forth below. Fees are due on or before the first day of the applicable term. Failure to pay fees, includingrenewal fees, in full and on time is a material breach of this Registration Agreement, entitling Merit to suspend or terminate services under this Registration Agreement.

  6. Consulting services: Upon request, for additional fees and during regular business hours, Merit provides consulting services. Contact Merit by email at [email protected]. We also welcome suggestions for additional consulting services desired by our Registry users.

  7. No Confidentiality: The information provided by network operators, and information collected and generated by Merit, is not confidential or private. It is posted to the Registry and is freely available to persons with authorization to access the Registry.

  8. Information, Security: Merit has the right to add, delete, or alter information uploaded by users of the Registry; to inquire as to the validity of information; and/or to suspend/delete an account if Merit has concerns regarding accuracy or completeness of information,proper use of the Registry, authenticity of a user, suspicious conduct on its platform, or any other good faith basis. It shall use reasonable efforts to promptly notify you if it takes such action. You agree to comply with Merit's Acceptable Use policy here https://www.merit.edu/support/policies/.


  10. Sole and Exclusive Remedy: If you are not satisfied with the Services, please contact Merit to suggest improvements to the Services. We welcome constructive criticism. If Merit materially fails to deliver the Services as described in Section 4, you may elect to terminate this Registration Agreement and receive a refund for the balance of the then-current term. The foregoing is your sole and exclusive remedy in the event of Merit's delivery of nonconforming Services.

  11. Limitations of Liability for Damages: Neither party shall be liable to the other for indirect, incidental, consequential, special, punitive or exemplary damages, or lost profits or business interruption losses in connection with this Registration Agreement. Direct damages shall not exceed the registration fee for the then-current year.

  12. Term and Termination: This Registration Agreement commences upon the date you accept these terms and pay the applicable fee. The initial term is one (1) year, which shall renew upon your acceptance of any renewal offer and paymentof the applicable fee. You may terminate this Registration Agreement at any time by ceasing use of the Service. Prepaid fees are not refundable except as set forth in Section 10. Merit may terminate this Registration Agreement or suspend your access toServices in the event of a breach of this Registration Agreement and/or as set forth in Section 8, and in the event of nonpayment of undisputed fees. In the event of suspension for nonpayment of fees, Merit shall provide you with written notice at least ten (10) days in advance of such suspension.

  13. General Terms: For purposes of this Registration Agreement, the Services are delivered from Ann Arbor, Michigan USA. This Registration Agreement is governed by Michigan law. Any litigation shall be brought in a court of competent jurisdiction in the State of Michigan. The parties waive any objection to personal jurisdiction or venue. This Registration Agreement is the entire understanding of the parties with respect to the subject matter and replaces all prior understandings and writings. Any waiver or amendment must be in writing and signed by the parties. The individual signing and accepting this Registration Agreement believes, to the best of their knowledge, that they have the legal right to bind their respective organization.