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NRTM Service

The RADb is available by the IRR Near Real Time Mirroring (NRTM) service.

When an application or process requires the use of the IRR/RPSL query language and the IRRd system-generated responses, developers are encouraged to operate a private WHOIS service and mirror the RADb via the NRTM.

Under typical conditions:

  • The NRTM service is publicly available
  • Committed edits are presented within ten minutes, often instantly

Developers are encouraged to:

  • Use the hostname
  • Set identifiable IPv4 and IPv6 PTR records in DNS, when providing a low-traffic service sourcing data from
  • Check the mirror for updates no more than every 15 minutes

Need Assistance?

If you have technical questions or need help related to Merit RADb, please contact RADb Support.

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