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The RADb is one of many databases in the Internet Routing Registry, which incorporates registries maintained by many national and international networking organizations.

While many IRR registries serve a specific customer base, the RADb handles registrations for networking organizations not covered by the other routing registries.

Data Replication

Do all the registries in the IRR contain the same data?

No. The databases are separate entities, and most users will only need to register in one of them.

Merit keeps a copy of many of the registries, but entries in the other databases don't actually become part of the RADb.

Database Selection

Which Database is the best one to store my objects in?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question.

Most applications of IRR information are local in scope by providers upon their customers.

You will generally need to contact your provider to find out which databases they use to generate their routing policy configurations.

Level3 provides a mechanism for customers to explicitly reference a particular database as a source for as-set information.

This is accomplished using a "remarks:" attribute containing the tag "Level3 members:".

The entry consists of a database name followed by a double-colon and then the referenced object from the specified database.

Mirrored Objects

RADB support and RADb administrators can only modify data from RADB.

To alter/delete an object that is sourced in a mirrored database, you will need to contact the appropriate IRR using contact information that can be found by clicking below.

Example of an RADb object vs. a Mirrored Object :

An Object that is located in the RADB IRR

descr:          MERIT Network Inc.
                4251 Plymouth Rd
                Ann Arbor
                MI 48105-2785, USA
origin:         AS237
mnt-by:         MAINT-AS237
changed:        [email protected] 20020205
source:         RADB

An Object that is located in the RIPE IRR.

descr:          ProXad network / Free SAS
descr:          Paris, France
origin:         AS12322
notify:         [email protected]
mnt-by:         PROXAD-MNT
created:        2007-03-15T13:39:58Z
last-modified:  2007-03-15T13:39:58Z
source:         RIPE

Available Databases

Information about the databases linked below is at

Need Assistance?

If you have technical questions or need help related to Merit RADb, please contact RADb Support.

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