Authentication Types Available for Use with the Radb

Authentication Types

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RADb supports the following types of authentication:


Syntax:   `auth: PGPKEY <HEX id of the PGP KEY>`

Pros:     Strongest authentication method available in RPSL.
            Submissions are hard to forge.

Cons:     Having to PGP sign a message before submitting it to [email protected].
            Cannot be used with the RADb Portal.

Example:  `auth: PGPKEY-3318564D`

PGP Help


Syntax:   `auth: CRYPT-PW <crypt form of the password>`

Pros:     Good fallback if PGP is not an viable alternative.
            Can be used with the RADb portal forms.

Cons:     Password must be in clear text if using e-mail based submissions
            Subject to possible dictionary cracking.

Example:  `auth: CRYPT-PW vr78zAVlObYZg`



Deprecated as of 5/15/2015

Syntax:  `auth: MAIL-FROM <Valid RFC822 email address>`

Pros:     Requires no additional steps on a submission.

Cons:     Vulnerable to e-mail spoofing.
            Authorization can fail if your domain is changed by your mailer.

Example:  `auth: MAIL-FROM dsmith@.*`

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