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  • The Internet Routing Registry (IRR) is a distributed routing database development effort.
  • Data from the Internet Routing Registry may be used by anyone worldwide to help debug, configure, and engineer Internet routing and addressing.
  • The IRR provides a mechanism for validating the contents of BGP announcement messages or mapping an origin AS number to a list of networks.
  • The IRR emerged early in 1995, a time when providers worldwide were preparing for the end of the NSFNET Backbone Service and the birth of the commercial Internet.
  • RADb is an IRR, similar to RIPE and LEVEL3.

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IRRd is the database software that runs the RADb.


A maintainer is an account in RADb. The customer "maintains" the objects stored with it.

Maintainer ID

  • A maintainer ID is like the account number for a maintainer.
  • Typical maintainers are formatted as MAINT-ASXXXX, with the organization's AS number at the end of the ID.
  • A maintainer can have a "vanity" maintainer ID, like MAINT-CISCO or MAINT-IBM.


  • A regional Internet registry (RIR) is an organization that manages the allocation and registration of Internet number resources within a region of the world.
  • Internet number resources include IP addresses and autonomous system (AS) numbers.

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  • Stands for Routing Policy Specification Language.
  • RPSL allows a network operator to be able to specify routing policies at various levels in the Internet hierarchy
  • RPSL is the language of RADb as well as other IRRs.

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